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05.29.24 - Two great gigs this weekend!  First, we'll be in our very own backyard in Fairfield, NJ, at Cricket Hill Brewery!  We'll be starting that one at 5:30pm… or something like that!  Next up, on Saturday, we'll be heading down to New Hope, PA, to play at one of our all-time favorites, John & Peter's!  That show starts at 9:30pm… and if history is any indicator of the future, this will be a very, very good time!

04.07.24 - John & Peter's was insane!  If you were there, you know.  Next up; a solo gig at Ironbound Farm on Thursday, 4/11 at 7pm!  I love this place.  Can't wait!

03.31.24 - Had a great gig at Beneduce Vineyards!  Many thanks to all those who partook!

02.14.24 - Hey, Lovers!  This Friday, check me out, I'll be doing a solo gig at Readington Brewery!  Gig starts at 6:30pm!  Also, we've added a new track to our player!  Please take a listen to ‘Music Is My Angel’!

01.24.23 - This Friday, the band will be at Hailey's Harp & Pub in Metuchen!  This gig starts at 8:30pm, and we hope to see you there… it's good to be back!  Saturday, I'll be playing solo at Hopewell Valley Vineyards at 5:00pm… don't miss it! 

12.27.23 - Puttin' up some 2024 dates!  Please check ‘em out below!  Also, please check out our latest release on Spotify, ’Long, Long Way From Home'… we think it's boss!

12.23.23 - Rainbow Fresh would like to wish all of you a very happy and healthy Holiday Season!  God bless us, everyone!

11.13.23 - We had a great, sold-out show at Beneduce Vineyards this past Saturday!  Thanks to all the people who came out to see us, especially the Kelly Mac Crew and the Frenchtown Crew!

11.07.23 - Got some solo action going on this Friday at The Parlor at Hailey's in Metuchen!  Check it out, the show starts at 7:30pm… always a good way to kick off the weekend!  Saturday, the whole crew will be jammin' at Beneduce Vineyards in Pittstown at 6pm!  Be sure to be there!

10.31.23 - Trick or Treat?  Well, Rainbow Fresh is gonna give you some ear candy!  We've released ‘Long, Long Way From Home’, our newest song, on CD Baby!  That means that pretty soon, it'll be available on every online digital music outlet.  Also, this Saturday, we'll be jamming at John & Peter's in New Hope!  Check us out at 9:30pm!  

09.29.23 - Keep an eye out for new Rainbow Fresh songs!  They will be released soon!  We're very excited about it, so stay tuned...

08.31.23 - This Labor Day Weekend, we'll be hard at work, putting on some great shows for you... but I would call this work a Labor of Love!  Tonight, me and Martin will play as a duo, as we attempt to rock out at Hailey's' at 7:30pm!  Sheesh, as I write this, it's only a few hours away!  Next up, Friday, we're at John & Peter's, with the full band!  Ronnie and Marty will be there!  We're gonna start at 9:30pm.  J&P's is a special joint, a throwback to the Golden Age of Live Music!  If you let yourself go, you might think that you're in a club in Greenwich Village during the 70's!  Saturday, I'll be solo at Ironbound Farm at 1pm.  Ironbound Farm is such a unique place; a sprawling, beautiful joint with excellent food!  I'm looking forward to it...

07.10.23 - Summer is now in full swing, and that means it's the height of live music season!  Check out the Rainbow Fresh calendar for all sorts of gigs... things are popping up, so please look in on us often!  Also, check us out on Spotify, as we have lots and lots of music on there, and we're going to being putting more new stuff up soon!

06.21.23 - Happy Summer Solstice!  Looking forward to a couple of shows this week!  First up, this Friday, the whole band will be in nearby Fairfield for a jamboree at my favorite Brewery, Cricket Hill!  Show starts at 5:30pm.  Saturday, I'll be barrelling down Rt 202 for a solo gig at Hopewell Valley Vineyards!  That one starts at 1pm!  See you there, I hope!

05.31.23 - Three great solo shows this weekend!  First up, Saturday, at 1pm, I'll be at Hailey's in Metuchen for a groovy matinee!  After that, I'll barrel down Rt 1 to Princeton, to play at Small World Coffee at 7pm!  Sunday, I'll be back at it again, with a gig at Ironbound Cider in Asbury, NJ, at 1pm.  Mind you, these three joints are all top notch!  I can't wait, hope to see you at one, two, or all three...

04.18.23 - We have a full band gig at Hopewell Valley Vineyards on 4/29 at 5pm!  We hope you guys can make it for a rockin' time!  Stayed tuned for some new tracks.... coming soon!

03.16.23 - After a four-month hiatus, we're back at Hopewell Valley Vineyards!  Me and Marty are gonna play some tunes for you while you sip on some fine wine, relax, and eat some pizza... that sounds like a good way to spend a Saturday afternoon/evening to me!  Show starts at 5pm!

02.28.23 - Very excited for this weekend's gigs... March looks good!  Friday, we'll be at J&P's in New Hope!  We hit a 9:30pm, so why don't you come?  Saturday, check me out for some solo stuff at Small World Coffee in Princeton at 7pm!  Can't wait...

01.27.23 - Surprise!  Just picked up a gig at Hailey's Harp & Pub!  Come check us tonight at 8:30pm!  This joint is a legit Irish pub with some great  booze and food... check it out!

12.21.22 - Happy Holidays, Freshies!  Wishing you all the best!  Man, just got a surprise solo gig scheduled (a surprise to me, especially) for this Friday at Gladstone Tavern!  Show starts at 8pm!  Hope to see you there!

11.21.22 - We have a bountiful harvest of Thanksgiving gigs planned for this weekend!  Leave those shopping manics behind and check us out at Ironbound Farm on Black Friday for two shows!  Then, on Saturday, I'll be at Hopewell Valley Vineyards for a 5pm show!  It'll be better than a leftover turkey sandwich!

10.11.22 - Had a streak of 5 gigs in 4 days which was a lot of work, but it was an absolute blast!  We'll be laying kind of low the next couple of weeks, so hopefully, we can work on some new recordings.  Stay tuned!

09.21.22 - This Friday, we return to the Ironbound Farm in Asbury, NJ, for some trio exploits!  We love this joint, and we're glad to be back!  Show starts at 6pm... hang with us!

07.25.22 - We had an epic time at Sourland Music Fest on 7/23!!  What a great event... met a lot of new friends/fans!  Hope to do it again next year!

07.15.22 - Big gig coming up this Saturday!  Please come check me and Lou Petto out, as we get our duo on at Hopewell Valley Vineyards!  The show starts at 5:30pm.  Good wine and some tunes... sounds like the perfect summer hang!

06.29.22 - This Saturday, we'll be doing our first-ever gig at Federal Twist Vineyards in Stockton, NJ!  We'll be starting at 2pm... and bring your chairs with you, bruh!  They got food and a field for little kids to play in, plus, dogs lovahs are welcome!  Just make sure they got a leash.  And best of all they have.... wine!!!

06.02.22 - This Friday, we'll be at Hailey's Harp & Pub in lovely Metuchen, NJ!  This shindig starts at 8:30pm, man.  Hope you can hang and witness some rock trio action!  Saturday night, we'll take our act down to New Hope, PA, to play at one of the best rock joints around - John & Peter's!  9:30pm is when we kick things off... come on down!

05.27.22 - It is a very rare occasion when I'm not telling you about upcoming gigs this week, especially over a holiday weekend.  By the way, have a great Memorial Day weekend!  Over the past few months, we've released several tunes on Spotify... please check them out!  'Above the Water' and 'Perfect Place' are two songs that come to mind.  We think they came out great, and we're happy with how they sound.  I hope you guys take a listen and agree!  Let us know!  Peace!

04.19.22 - This weekend, it's the RF Spring Trifecta!  Friday, we're swinging by our old Hudson County stomping grounds - Finnegan's Pub in Hoboken!  Show starts at 9pm... next, we head down to beautiful Princeton to play at Hopewell Valley Vineyards, which is always a blast!  Wine, pizza, music?  Sounds pretty boss to me!   Finally, I close out the weekend on Sunday with a solo set at Hailey's Harp & Pub in lovely downtown Metuchen!  Check me out at 1pm!

03.25.22 - Check me out, solo, tomorrow!  I'll be at Small World Coffee in beautiful Princeton, NJ!  Show starts at 6pm, so don't be late... this is the best java joint around!

02.25.22 - Got a solo gig at Pier 115 in Edgewater, tonight at 6pm... the most incredible views of NYC, and some great food, too.  Saturday, the full band will be at Hopewell Valley Vineyards in Pennington at 5:30pm!  We love this joint, and you will, too!

02.15.22 - Hello, rockers!  We hope to see you this Friday in Fairfield at Cricket Hill Brewery!  We always have a good time here, so make sure you're there for our 5:30pm start!

01.19.22 - This year is off to a good start, and Princeton will be the place to be this Friday!  Catch us at the Ivy Inn, which is always a fun spot... show starts at 10pm!  Saturday at 5pm, we'll be at Hopewell Valley Vineyards in Pennington!  I can almost taste the wine and the pizza now... see you there!

12.15.21 - This Friday, 12/17, we're back at the Ivy Inn in Princeton!  It's been awhile, and we're happy to return.  Check us out - show starts at 10pm!