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03.10.2021 - Doing a solo gig tomorrow night at one of my favorite places to play, Washington House, in Basking Ridge!  Come check me out as I play a bunch of great cover songs and originals!  Thursday, at 6:30pm!

02.26.2021 - Two great ones this weekend!  First, I'll be doing some tunes, solo-style, at The Hangout & Parlor at Hailey's... tonight!  Come listen in at 8:30pm!  Tomorrow, you can see the full Rainbow Fresh experience (yes, the whole pie) at Hopewell Valley Vineyards!  Speaking of pie, my favorite one they make is the Barbera.  That, and a nice glass of Cab!  Come join the feast for your ears and tastebuds at 4:00pm!

02.19.2021 - Check out our show at Hailey's Harp & Pub, this Saturday at 8:30pm!  It'll be the 1st full-band show since the start of this pandemic, so we're very excited!  There's light at the end of the tunnel!

01.27.21 - Two great gigs to start this new year!  On Friday, I'll be doing some solo jazz at The Hangout and Parlor at Hailey's!  Come chill at 6:30pm!  Saturday, some duo rock action at Hopewell Valley Vineyards at 4pm!  Can't wait to get things going this year!

12.09.20 - Hello, all you hep cats!  I'll be doing a solo jazz thing at Hailey's Harpcade in Metuchen this Friday at 6:30pm!  I've been brushing up on some tunes, modes, chord progressions and jazz arpeggios just for this gig.  I know that doesn't mean much to a non-musician, but trust me; it's a lotta work!  Anyway, I can't wait to try out some new tunes and hit the scene, baby!

12.04.20 - Hailey's, yes!  Tonight at 6:30pm, we'll be duoing our set inside, so mask up, cover your nose, and uncover your ears!  Looking forward to this one!  See you in Metuchen!

10.13.20 - Got a great show this weekend at Hailey's Harp & Pub in downtown Metuchen, NJ!  Check us out on Saturday, at 7pm, weather permitting.  Stay safe and wear a mask!

09.15.20 - Got two great gigs coming up this week, both in New Brunswick, and both duos!  We're gonna hit George St Ale House on Thursday at 7pm, followed by a Friday night show at Tavern on George, also at 7pm!  As the names of these joints suggest, they are just down the street from each other.  Kudos to the city of New Brunsswick for keeping live music alive!  Go RU!

08.20.20 - Looking very forward to tonight's gig at Harvest Moon Brewery in New Brunswick!  This little jam with big dreams starts at 7pm and goes all the way to the wee hour of 10pm!  You gotta check it out!  Both Martin and I are gonna be there!

07.31.20 - New Gig Alert!  Check me out (solo) at Invertase Brewing Company in Phillipsburg, NJ!  Show starts at 6pm... beers and rock!

07.30.20 - Finally!  We have our music store up and running!  If you wanna buy our music, you can do so by clicking on the 'STORE' tab.  Also, tonight, I'll be playing some tunes at the Washington House in Basking Ridge!  Hope you can make it - gig starts at 6pm.  And, btw, the Washington House is a great restaurant!

06.29.20 - It felt so great to get out there and play again this past Friday at Hailey's!  Thanks to everyone who came!  Slowly, shows are trickling in, so please check out our calendar... thank you!

06.08.20 - What more can I say about these crazy times we've been living in that hasn't already been said?  I'll just say this... WE'RE HAVING OUR FIRST GIG IN OVER 3 MONTHS!!!  It seems apropos that it will be at Hailey's Harp & Pub...  check us out, outside, performing as a duo, Friday, June 26th at 6pm!

03.23.20 - I think the sentiment is universal - this pandemic sucks!   Me and the fellas can't wait to play for you again - I miss it so much!  In the meantime, please stay healthy and stay away!  We'll all  be together again soon!  Peace!

02.12.20 - Prepare to hear some lover's rock this Valentine's day!  If matters of the heart are involved, you know that Rainbow Fresh has to be the musical backdrop!  It's a well-known scientific fact that we will increase your chance for romance!  Check us out at Hailey's this Friday where the love affair continues!  9pm hit, darlings!

12.28.19 - Please join us on New Year's Eve and ring in 2020 with Rainbow Fresh!  We'll be at Salt Creek in Princeton, a place that is definitely special to us!  I really can't think of a better setting to celebrate!  The festivities start at 9pm, and we really hope to see our friends and fans there!  Happy New Year!

12.04.19 - Two great ones this weekend!  This Friday, we return to John & Peter's, which has to be my favorite joint to play in New Hope, PA!  It's a true, bonafide rock & roll joint!  Definitely a throwback to better times, as far as live music is concerned.  We'll be starting at around 9:30pm.  Next, another fantastic joint, this one a bit closer to home... Finnegan's Pub in Hoboken!  Check us out on Saturday at 10pm, it's always a good time!

11.18.19 - Cricket Hill Brewery this Friday!  Fairfield will be the place to be, and things will get rollin' at around 5:30pm!  Let's start off the weekend correctly!  Saturday, I'll be doing a solo show at Hailey's Harp & Pub in Metuchen!  Come by at 1:30pm and enjoy some mid-afternoon music!

11.14.19 - Porter's Pub, baby!  C'mon out to Easton, PA, Friday night and check us out at this awesome little venue!  Show starts at 10pm!

11.08.19 - Two great gigs this weekend!  First up, we'll be at Hailey's Harp & Pub... tonight!  Meet us in Metuchen at 9pm!  On Saturday, we'll be at another one of our favorite joints... Salt Creek Grille in Princeton!  This one starts at 8, so don't be late!

10.30.19 - Had an incredible time last Saturday at Finnegan's... what a great gig!  Saw some old friends and made some new ones.  Some of the costumes were very creative!  It was just one of those nights where everything came together!  Thanks, people!  Happy Halloween!

10.17.19 - Check us out on Saturday!  We'll be playing in my hometown at the Roseland Free Public Library!  It's all part of 3rd annual Fall Family Festival, so come for the fun, vendors, food trucks, music and more... we'll be starting at 11am!

10.11.19 - Totally psyched for this Saturday at Salt Creek Grille in Princeton, people!   One of our absolute favorite places to play.  Come see us at 8pm!

10.02.19 - Some awesome gigs coming up, on either side of the Delaware River!  Friday night at 9:45pm, we play the house that rock built... John & Peter's in New Hope, PA!  We love it, it rocks, enough said.  Saturday, come see us at the National Hotel in beautiful downtown Frenchtown, NJ!  Oktoberfest!  This place is das beste!  There'll be music playing from 12:30 to 5:00pm, so come on and revel, Damen und Herren!  Rainbow Fresh should be hittin' at 3:30pm!

09.20.19 - Last night, I had a great time playing in my hometown of West Caldwell, at Sushi Cafe!  It was truly awesome, what a cool little spot...  saw some old pals from high school, too!  I also have to mention that my Mama Mia roll was outstanding!  Props to the chef!  This Saturday, we have two gigs at two of my favorite venues!  First, we're playing at a polo match at Tinicum Park in Upper Black Eddy, PA!  We have done a few of these before, and they're crazy fun!  Looking forward to playing and seeing a good match!  Later in the evening, at 8pm, we'll be gigging at Small World Coffee in Princeton!  I have always loved this place, and I'm looking forward to a sick show!  Come out and see us sometime!

09.10.19 - Hello, rockers!  We've got two great shows for you this weekend!  Friday, we head over to that great little Irish spot, Hailey's, in beautiful downtown Metuchen for a 9pm show!  For our next gig, at 12pm on Sunday, we head over the border, via Rt 17 into NY, for the September Suffern Street Fair!  We haven't done one in awhile, so we're looking forward to it!

08.08.19 - Two great ones this weekend!  Something old, something new, I can't wait, can you?  First up, we hit The Old Causeway Steak & Oyster House in Manahawkin, Friday at 10pm.  Going to LBI for the weekend?  Well, come by and say hello!  It's our first time there, so we can use the company!  Second up, we have a Saturday show at Salt Creek Grille in Princeton at 8pm!  This is our home base in Princeton, and I get psyched every time we do a gig here!  See you there!

08.02.19 - A gig at John & Peter's is always something to look forward to!  As I write this, that's in 9 hours from now, and I can't wait!  We hope you come and hang with us tonight at 9:30pm in New Hope!  Got a good feeling about it.  Tomorrow night, it's a gig in my hometown of Caldwell, NJ!  Join us at 9:30pm this Saturday at the Ringside Pub on Bloomfield Ave!

07.24.19 - 3 sick gigs this weekend!  First up, it's an unusual Friday Doubleheader (these are almost always on a Saturday).  Earlier in the evening, it's our first gig ever at Cricket Hill Brewery!  I hope it'll be the first of many... later that evening, we'll go to our homebase in Hoboken, which for us means that a blowout at Finnegan's Pub is sure to take place!  Can't wait for that one!  Show starts at 10pm.  Saturday, we'll be taking our show on the road, across state lines, but not too far!  Catch us at Triumph Brewery in New Hope at 10pm!

07.17.19 - Finally, a gig with some local flavor!  Local for the band, at least.  This Friday, we'll be jamming out at Bardi's in Pequannock, NJ, at 9:30pm!  Come by and celebrate at this truly authentic rock & roll venue.  The ties run deep here, and one look at the decor in this place will show that these guys are bonafide music fans!  Plus, the food is excellent... and I'm not just saying that because I went to elementary school with the chef!

07.11.19 - Three sick gigs this weekend!  First up, check me out, solo, at Kilmer Square in New Brunswick at 12:00pm!  I'll be outside, amongst nature, al fresco, etc.  Saturday afternoon, solo again!  This time, I'll be troubadoring at Hailey's Harp & Pub in Metuchen at 1:00pm!  By this time, all these solo gigs will be making me lonely.  Fortunately, Saturday night, the boys will be joining me at Salt Creek Grille in Princeton at 8pm, so come join the party!

06.20.10 - Check us out this Friday at Porter's Pub in Easton at 10pm!  We enjoy this cool little joint... it has an excellent vibe.  Saturday, we'll be in Atlantic City playing the 48 Blocks AC Festival at The Victorian at 2pm!

06.07.19 - Two gigs at two of my favorite places!  Tonight, it's John & Peter's in New Hope.  This joint is a throwback to the era when live music was king - it really is a great venue to see a show... so come and see us!  We'll be starting at 9:30pm!  Tomorrow, we head to our beloved Hailey's in Metuchen!  Really, this place is where we cut our teeth as a band... and they're starting to get mighty sharp!  Come feel our bite at 9:00pm! 

05.23.19 - What a way to kick off Memorial Day Weekend!  Come check us out this Friday at Triumph Brewing Company in beautiful, downtown Princeton!  Then, you have our permission to go down the shore!  Show starts at 10pm!

05.16.19 - Two juicy gigs this week!  Friday, come check us out at Salt Creek Grille in Princeton!  We love this joint!  Show starts at 8pm.  Saturday, I'll be doing a little solo thingamajig at Hailey's Harp & Pub!  Might play some obscure stuff if the mood suits me... hopefully, the mood suits you, and you'll be there in Metuchen for a 1pm start!

05.07.19 - Small World, oh, Small World... where for art thou?  In Princeton, of course!  And we'll be there playing our tunes, fully woke!  That's what coffee does, right?  Come to our favorite little coffee house in all the land this Saturday at 8:30pm, and listen to us!  Thanks a latte!

05.01.19 - Rainbow Fresh will never forget its days as a Hudson County band!  For that reason, we are especially psyched for this Saturday's gig at Finnegan's Pub in Hoboken!  We absolutely love this joint!  Show starts at 10pm... hope to see you there!

04.20.19 - Solo show!  Tonight, the volume may be scaled back a bit, but the delivery won't.  Catch me at Washington House in Basking Ridge at 8pm!  I can't wait!

04.12.19 - Two sick gigs this week!  Tonight, we hit Sushi Room, as a duo, in the town of my alma mater, New Brunswick!  Though we won't be singing 'On the Banks of the Old Raritan', it'll still be a boss time, I'm sure.  Next up, Saturday, the full Rainbow Fresh experience spreads its melodious vines outward towards Hopewell Valley Vineyards!  The wine and music shall flow, starting at 6pm!

04.03.19 - New Gig Alert!  It's our first time playing at Rocky's in Rahway, and it's tonight at 7:30pm!  Can't wait to try something new!  This Friday, we'll be doing something we've done many times before - and we love it!  Check us out at John & Peter's in New Hope... show starts at 9:30pm!  Finally, we'll be doing a short set at the Roseland Free Public Library Multicultural Fair this Saturday at 1pm... all in Spanish!  We can't wait.  We start at 1:00pm, but get there early - there's plenty of awesome stuff happening!

03.28.19 - The National Hotel in Frenchtown is one of my favorite places to play, and I'll be there doing a solo show this Saturday!  Check me out downstairs in the cellar bar (the Rat) and I guarantee I will play my heart out for you!  This emotional explosion will take place at 8:30pm!

03.15.19 - This Saturday we're at Pattenburg House in Asbury, NJ!  What a great rock & roll venue this is!  Make it a point to rock with us at 8pm on 3/16!

03.06.19 - We're gearing up for what we hope will be a great gig this Friday at Hailey's Harp & Pub in Metuchen!  We play here a lot, but the excitement never wanes!  It just makes us want to rock harder for our regular fans!  Show starts at 9pm... be there!

01.31.19 - It's been awhile, but we're very happy to be back at Gladstone Tavern, this Friday at 8pm!  Hopefully, we can make this a more regular type of thing.  Saturday, me and Marty will do the duo thingo at Hopewell Valley Vineyards!  We had an excellent time last gig, and we hope it comes together this time, too!  Don't be late - show starts at 6pm!  This place has some excellent wine and pizza!

01.25.19 - We return to the town that made us.  Back when we were based in Hudson County, Hoboken was the epicenter of our musical development.  We really cut our teeth here, and we'll never forget that.  That is why, without any reservation, we celebrate in anticipation of our gig at Finnegan's Pub this Friday!  Come see what all the hard work has been about.  We love this joint!  See you at 10pm!

01.11.19 - We have a gig at Bardi's tonight and I'm psyched!  The proprietor of this bonafide rock n' roll haven is an alumni of James Caldwell High School just like 2/3 of Rainbow Fresh, so you know we're gonna kick it old school... whatever that may mean!  We will do our best to represent our alma mater in a favorable, rockin' manner!  Bardi's is located in Pequannock and the gig starts at 9:30pm... go, Chiefs!  Saturday, get set to go to the best coffee shop in Princeton... Starbucks who?  We'll be doing our thing at Small World Coffee at 8:30pm!  This place is truly one of my favorites... I love playing here.  Excellent vibes and java.

01.04.19 - Sometimes, getting back into reality is not a bad thing.  For example, though the holiday season is over, the fun doesn't have to stop!  Yes, I know that the 3 Kings technically didn't arrive at the manger untill 1/6, but there's going to be another cool event on 1/5!  Check us out this Saturday at John & Peter's at 9:30pm!   Just follow the star of New Hope, in the galaxy of Pennsylvania!

12.21.18 - Two juggernaut, polar express-type gigs this week!  Tonight, we bring our little trio over to Hops in Morristown, NJ, for a sick gig!  Festivities begin at 9:30pm!  Next up, the father of all Xmas gigs!  This Saturday, we three minstrels will travel to Frenchtown, NJ, for a holiday hootenanny!  We can't wait, as we all love the National Hotel!  The actual gig is to take place in the funkiest basement bar in NJ, the Rathskeller!  Come, all ye faithful, as we bring you great tidings of joy... somewhere around 9:00pm!

12.13.18 - Three out-of-control gigs this week!  I love the trifecta!  First up, a solo show, tonight, at Washington House in Basking Ridge.  Beautiful place, great food, great crowd!  Always such a pleasure to play this place.  Gig starts at 8pm!  Friday night, we hit the Middlesex Mecca of Metuchen!  Hailey's is the place and and it's a good time for your face!  So bring it over!  Show starts a 9pm.  Saturday, we have a private party.  Sorry, that's all I can say!  Peace!

11.28.18 - Two excellent gigs this week!  First up, I'll be doing a solo show at Washington House in Basking Ridge, which is just about the classiest joint you could ever hope to hang in!  There's a great vibe here, and I can't wait until this Thursday at 8pm!  Friday, we visit Salt Creek Grille, which is an amazing restaurant/bar in Princeton, NJ... I hope you all can make it and hang with us at 8pm!  Peace!

11.15.18 - New venue alert!  This Friday will be our first-ever performance at Sushi Room in New Brunswick!  Can't wait!  We'll be doing it as a duo, so tap your feet and give us a beat!  Gig starts at 8pm.  Saturday, we'll be traveling to our sonic stronghold in Morristown, Hops!  Tunes will be cranked and beers will be dranked!  See you there at 9:30pm!

11.07.18 - Got a little solo show at Rails in Towaco this Thursday!  If you wanna hear some stripped-down, early-evening, weeknight jams, come by and say hello at 6pm!  Don't miss our return to Hailey's this Friday night at 9pm!  It'll be the full enchilada, with some Guinness on the side!

10.31.18 - Happy Halloween, everybody!  This is indeed a time for partying, and this weekend won't disappoint.  For one thing, we have a rare Fall double-header on Saturday!  But, before we jump ahead too far, check us out at Pattenburg House in Asbury (not Park), NJ this Friday!  We'll rocking out at one of the best live music venues in NJ and beyond at 8:30pm!  Then, Saturday, as I alluded to before, we have an awesome two-fer.  First, we'll be at Hopewell Vineyards doing our thing as a duo from 6 to 9pm!  At 10pm, we'll join up with our drummer in New Hope to rock the house at Triumph Brewery!  Don't miss out on the good times!

10.19.18 - Check us out at Porter's Pub tonight!  Easton's greatest joint plays host to our jams at 10pm... please don't miss a beat!  Tomorrow night, we'll be at Hops in Morristown!  We love it here, and we're gonna show it to everybody from 9:30pm to 1am!

10.04,18 - Tonight!  A little solo show at Washington House in Basking Ridge at 8pm!  I love everything about that place... tomorrow night, please don't miss our John & Peter's show, it always seems magical when we play there!  We hope to rock out at this New Hope landmark at 9:30pm - ok, ok, maybe 10!

08.22.18 - Summer always flies by, doesn't it?  I can't believe it's late August!  Well, to quote a very famous Yogi, 'It ain't over 'til it's over'.  So, let's enjoy every second of it!  That said, let's honor the sentiment with music, gigs, food, wine, etc!  And we got plenty of opportunities coming up.  This Friday, check us out at Triumph Brewing Company in Princeton, NJ at 10pm!  We absolutely love playing here!  Saturday, I'll be doing a solo show in Frenchtown at the National Hotel, without a doubt the bossest venue in the area!  I'll be in the Rat downstairs, so come by and sing along!  Gig starts at 8:30pm!

08.10.18 - Tonight!  Hailey's Harp & Pub in Metuchen at 9pm!  It's time to rock steady in Middlesex County.  Tomorrow night, please catch our show at Small World Cafe, 8:30pm, in Princeton!  One of the best gigs there is!

07.12.18 - Tomorrow night!  Hailey's Harp & Pub!  9pm in Metuchen!  Why so many exclamation points?  Because it worth exclaiming about, of course!  Midsummer gigs... nothing like 'em!

07.03.18 - Come to the greatest 4th of July Bash this side or any side of the Delaware River!  Tonight!  Rainbow Fresh at the Rat in the National Hotel in Frenchtown, NJ!  The musical fireworks start at 9pm!  Oh oh, say can you see?

06.29.18 - Two glorious gigs this weekend!  Friday, we'll rock Pattenburg House in Asbury (not Asbury Park) to the best of our abilities!  Show starts at 8:30pm.  Saturday, we'll be at Salt Creek Grille in Princeton, one of our favorite joints of all time!  Show starts at 8pm.  Woohoo!

06.12.18 - A midweek rockout is happening tomorrow night at Moby Dick's and you'd be a whale of a fool to miss it!  Gig starts at 7:30pm in beautiful Sewaren, NJ.  This Friday, we'll be back at John & Peter's for an approaching-the-summer-solstice rockfest!  Take great care in attending this one - it starts a 9:30pm in wonderful New Hope, PA!  This Saturday,we bring our music to Hops, a spectacular venue located in the heart of Morristown!  Come down to where George Washington hung out and played solitaire!  Gig starts at 9:30pm!

06.07.18 - Hailey's Pub this Friday!  Check out our tune-playing activities at 9pm in Metuchen... love this joint!  Saturday, don't miss our show at Finnegan's Pub in Hoboken!  I'll always miss my days of living in nearby Union City!  I'd walk 2 blocks to Jersey City, take the Congress St Light Rail elevator down to 9th St in Hoboken, and just wander.  Dems were the days!  Sorry to wax nostalgic... the show starts at 10pm, so don't miss out!

05.31.18 - Triumph Brewery in Princeton!  We've always loved this place and we just can't wait for this Friday at 10pm!  Check us out, the excitement will be contagious!

05.24.18 - Our first John & Peter's gig of 2018, this Friday!  Better late than never, huh?  Kick off this Memorial Day weekend with a show that promises to be... well, memorable!  See you in New Hope at 9:30pm!

05.16.18 - Porter's Pub, this Friday!  Come join us at the best music joint in Easton, PA!  Show starts at 10pm.  Saturday, come on by Hops in Morristown!  We'll be starting at 9:30pm, rocking on through the night!  See you there!

05.10.18 - Hailey's Harp & Pub this weekend!  This place is like our second home, so you know we're gonna cut loose... please join the fun this Friday at 9pm!

04.18.18 - Two wonderful gigs this weekend!  First, we head down to New Hope this Friday for a Fran's Pub show at 9:30pm!  Let's not mince words here - this place is awesome!  Saturday, we play closer to home - Morristown, as a matter of fact.  Hops is the place where we'll lay down the bass... with vocals, drums, and guitar too!  As everybody knows, this joint is an awesome lil' lounge, and we'll be playing our sounds, to the best of our abilities, here, starting at 9:30pm.  Peace!

04.10.18 - With warmer weather comes the gigs!  Can't wait for this Friday's jam at Hailey's... come and hang out with us at 9pm!  This Saturday, we'll be returning to Salt Creek gig and getting down to business... and business is good!  When you love what you do, it doesn't feel like work, does it?  Come by at 8pm!

03.28.18 - Solo gig, this Friday at Rails Steakhouse... just me, a mic, a guitar, and hopefully, you!  Show starts at 9:30pm...

02.08.18 - We have only one gig this week - only one chance to rock you... only one chance to roll you... only one chance to save your soul!!!  And it's at Hailey's Harp & Pub!  Friday, 9:00pm... Hallelujah! 

01.31.18 - Well, isn't this awesome?  We'll be at Fran's Pub this Friday, which will be our only New Hope show for a while... hope you can check it out, because it should be quite groovy!  Gig starts at 9:00!  As if things couldn't get any better, we'll be heading down to Princeton on Saturday to play a show at Small World Coffee!  Absolutely love this place!  Showtime is at 8:30pm.  This year is starting out pretty, pretty good...

01.25.18 - New Song Alert!!  Check out our new tune, 'Let Her Into Your Heart'!  It's streaming for free!  If you wanna buy it, we'll put it on in a few weeks.  For now, hope you enjoy it!

01.10.18 - Last week's gigs were awesome, I'm thankful for everyone who came out and joined us!  Tomorrow night's solo show at Rails Steakhouse in Towaco should be awesome, as long as I can exorcise this stubborn stomach bug that I've contracted by tomorrow.  I know I can, I know I can... show starts at 6pm!  Friday night, we return to Hops!  I love this place, do I need to say more?  Well, only that it's in Morristown and that the show starts at 9:30pm.  My work here is done...

01.05.18 - New year, new hopes, new dreams, new gigs!  We're proud to kick off 2018 with a Porter's Pub gig in Easton, PA.  Hell, yeah, it's cold.  But we're gonna warm things up in that joint tonight!  Show starts at 10pm.  Saturday, we head down to Hailey's Harp & Pub.  going to this place is like going to your best friend's house... you always feel welcome, and you're always gonna have a good time!  Come join the fun at 9pm in Metuchen!

12.26.17 - We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!  As 2017 comes to a close, we'd like to thank everyone who's come out to see us this past year!  It's been an excellent one, and we've made some great new friends!  We give thanks to our old friends, too!  You're the ones who've stuck by us this whole time, and we'll never forget all that you've done!  You all give us an opportunity to do what we love, and for that we'll be forever grateful!  That said, we wanna close 2017 with a serious bang!  We have two shows left, and we're very much looking forward to 'em.  First up, we'll be at The Local this Friday at 8:30pm... come check us out at this wonderful joint in Pt Pleasant, PA.  New Year's Eve will be a rocking one!  Please come to Salt Creek Grille in Princeton and help us traverse the 2017/2018 boundary in rock-steady style!  Can't wait!

12.05.17 - Only one gig this weekend, but with Hailey's up next, is anything else really necessary?  Come joint us at this majestic Metuchen monolith of music!  We'll be singing our tails off!  'Tis the season, yo... see you on Friday at 9pm!

11.21.17 - Wednesday, the night before Thanksgiving... it's only the biggest party night of the year!  And guess what?  We'll be partying, too!  It's gonna happen at the National Hotel in Frenchtown, and I feel like it's gonna be special... come on over at 9pm!  This Saturday, shake off those turkey wings and shake a leg at Small World Coffee!  Yes, we can gobble that joint up!  See ya at 8:30pm!

11.15.17 - Three sick gigs!  This Thursday, I'll be at Rail's Steakhouse in Towaco at 6pm for a solo jam... won't you come and join me?  Riffs and rib eyes are on the menu, starting at 6pm!  It has to be one of our all-time favorite joints to play... Triumph Brewing Company!  Check us out there this Friday, 10pm!  Finally, this Saturday, we'll take our tunes and jump on over to Hops... ain't nothing wrong with that!  Show starts at 9:30pm...

11.09.17 - Two sick gigs!  First up, Hailey's on Friday.  How many superlatives can we use to describe how awesome this place is?  Well, if you come the show (which starts at 9pm, btw), maybe we can come up with a list together!  Saturday, it's our much-ballyhooed (by us) return to Bardi's in Pequannock!  We'll be there at 2pm, jamming away, mid-afternoon style!  Whatever that is, it should be great!  Looking forward to seeing you all!

11.02.17 - What a start to November!  Saturday, come to Rails Steakhouse in Towaco for a solo show!  It's just me and it's free.  The music, that is... not the steaks.  Gig starts at 9:30!

10.24.17 - A solo gig near the City of Brotherly Love!  Join me for a sick solo show at Eastern University, this Thursday at 8pm!  If you're not a student, then you're not learning!  I'll be at the campus bistro!

10.18.17 - Lucky us!  Two of our favorite gigs, back-to-back!  First up, this Friday we play at Salt Creek Grille at 8pm.  Anyone who's ever been to one of our shows there knows how much fun we have - and the food is yummy to boot!  Not to be jumped over, Hops in Morristown plays host to us on Saturday night!  Check us out, the gig starts at 9:30pm!

10.13.17 - Hopefully, tonight's gig will be a Hailey's classic: rockin' and rollin'!  You know that we'll do our part - how about you?  See you in Metuchen, show starts at 9pm!

10.04.17 - New gig alert!  This Friday, we'll be playing at Gladstone Tavern, and hopefully, this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!  Show starts at 8:30pm, and we can't wait!  But hold on a minute, we love our old friends, too!  John & Peter's, the scene of many an awesome RF gig, will host us this Saturday, and we plan on repeating history; improving it, even!  Check it out, there's nothing better than partyin' with old pals!

09.21.17 - Whole lotta gigs!  Tonight, check out a solo performance by your favorite cholo!  I'll be all alone at Rails Steakhouse in Towaco, so come join me at 5:30pm!  On Saturday, we'll be horsin' around at a polo match in Tinicum Park!  This equine extravaganza starts at 1pm, so don't pull up lame!  Later that very same day, I'll be playing a solo gig at The Rathskeller (affectionately referred to as 'The Rat' by the local peasantry) in Frenchtown at 9pm!  Good times!

09.14.17 - Hops!  This Saturday, in Morristown, we'll be at this awesome lounge at 9:30pm!  We love this joint, and I'm sure you're gonna love it, too!

09.07.17- It's a 3 gig weekend!  First up, check us out at Hailey's in Metuchen at 9pm!  This is our home base in Central Jersey, and we love it.  Next up... Small World Coffee in Princeton on Saturday at 8:30pm!  I make no exaggeration when I say that this is the greatest coffee joint in the universe!  Finally, a Rainbow Fresh hometown gig on Sunday!  Check us out at the Roseland Free Public Library at 2pm!  Hope to see some friends and family there!  Peace!

08.30.17 - Ok, I'll spare all of you the 'great white whale' and 'pirate' references.  Just come to Moby Dick's tonight!  Located in beautiful Sewaren, NJ, it'll be the spot where we'll be playing tunes at 7:30pm!  Celebrate these last gorgeous days of August with us!


08.23.17 - Salt Creek Grille and the National Hotel this weekend?  Outrageous!  It's a gig eclipse, of sorts.  SCG is on Friday, at 8pm, and if history is any indication, everyone's gonna have a good time at this Princeton gem.  And the food is damn good, too!  Saturday, we return to the National Hotel, and play in our favorite little bar, the Rathskellar!  Sometimes, the planets align and everything is just alright.  The place to be in this galaxy will be in Frenchtown at 9pm!

08.10.17 - Two awesome shows, one awesome venue!  This weekend, we have back-to-back shows at Hailey's Harp & Pub in Metuchen!  Friday at 9pm, it's Rainbow Fresh in full force!  As usual, we have high expectations for this show.  Saturday, I'm gonna do a solo performance at the British Invasion Music Fest, which takes place from 12-4pm!  Brilliant!  I'll be one of many performers; perhaps we'll all be mates by the end of this bloody thing!

08.03.17 - This weekend, it's a plethora of Pennsylvania performances!  Summer ain't over yet, babes!  Let's not rush this thing... let's ease into a Friday night gig at John & Peter's at 9:30pm!  No place in New Hope is quite like it!  This Saturday, we check into The Local for a mid-afternoon-to-early-evening sonic snack... and I swear, it will be fulfilling!  We love this place, and so will you, if you don't already... show starts at 3pm!

07.25.17 - This Friday, come and join the summer revelry at Salt Creek Grille in Princeton!  We got some new tunes in store for you, and you gotta let us know if you like 'em!  8pm start...

07.20.17 - Solo show at Rails Steakhouse in Towaco, tonight!  First time there, so let's hope it's well-done, hahaha!  Be there, 7pm!  Also, Friday night, we return to Hops in Morristown!  You know we love this joint, and we're gonna give it the full mid-summer treatment!  What exactly does that mean?  Who knows, just know that we'll be giving it our all starting at 9:30pm!

07.18.17 - Ishmael never rocked so hard!  Check us at tomorrow night at Moby Dick's in lovely Sewaren, NJ.  We'll slay you with guitars, not harpoons!  You are our white whale!  Ship sets sail at 7:30pm!

07.14.17 - Very excited to be at Hailey's Harp & Pub tonight!  Won't you share the Summer Madness with us?  9pm in Metuchen...

07.06.17 - Aren't we lucky?  We get to play at Triumph Brewing Company this Friday at 10pm!  We count our blessings every time we head over to Princeton.  So guess what?  Everyone had such a good time at The Local last Friday that we all agreed to do it again this Saturday!  This is place is lovely, there's no better description.  Come to Pt Pleasant, PA, and hang with us... show starts at 3pm!

06.29.17 - Check out the monstrous jam we are planning this Friday at The Local in Pt Pleasant, PA!  Show starts at 8pm and ends at midnight, so there will be lots of tunes being bandied about... many obscure ones, I hope!  You'd think we'd have control over our setlist, but surprisingly, things just happen sometimes.

06.22.17 - This Friday, we're gonna be at Porter's Pub in Easton, PA!  We haven't been there in a minute, so we're psyched about it!  Come to the jam, it starts at 10pm... Saturday at 8pm, don't miss our show at Salt Creek Grille!  Without a doubt, it's one of our favorite gigs!

06.14.17 - Check me (Rich) out this Friday at Thatcher McGhee's in Fairfield!   I'll be playing solo, doing some obscure Rainbow Fresh songs as well as some groovy covers.  It's a happy hour thing starting at 4pm!  Next up, the full enchilada will be there at Hops on Saturday at 9:30pm!  See you in Morristown...

06.08.17 - Yes!  Two gigs this weekend at two groovy venues.  First up, Hailey's.  Why do we love playing here so much?  Who cares?  We just do.  So come on out this Friday and enjoy!  Show starts at 9pm.  Next up, Small World Coffee.  We played a private party not too long ago, and we got introduced to the owner, who happens to be friends with the host!  After meeting her, it's no longer a mystery to us why that place is the coolest.  So come on out and soak up the vibes, it's going to be a great Saturday!  See you at 8:30pm!

05.31.17 - John & Peter's!  These two names bring a smile to my face!  Why?  To me, they mean good times and good music.  Well, saying 'good music' is a bit presumptuous of me, but you know we give it our all!  And this Friday at 930pm will be no exception...

05.18.17 - We're very fortunate because we get to play two more awesome gigs this week!  First up, it's the Pattenburg House, in beautiful Asbury, NJ.  Check it out, the show starts at 8:30pm!  Saturday, we return to Hops in Morristown, our favorite Morris County joint!  We'll see you there at 9:30pm!  It's not only the weather that's heating up...

05.11.17 - Two 'F' words I love... Fran's and Finnegan's!  And this weekend, we get to play at both!  Friday, we head down to New Hope to play Fran's Pub at 9pm.  Such a groovy venue, and we can't wait!  Hoboken has always had our heart and this Saturday is no exception!  See you at 10pm at Finnegan's Pub!

05.04.17 - May the Fourth be with you!  Check us out this Saturday, 9pm, at Hailey's Harp & Pub in Metuchen... the vibe will be more bizarre than the cantina scene in Star Wars!  We've worked out some new ditties, and hope to rock out a suspecting and/or unsuspecting audience! ' There is no try, only do' (Yoda). 

04.18.17 - Two excellent gigs this week!  This spring, we'll be strumming our strings at Hops in Morristown!  This gig will be in full bloom on Friday at 9:30pm, so don't miss out!   Saturday at 8pm, RF will shower tunes down upon you!  Don't miss our show at Salt Creek Grille in Princeton! 

04.06.17 - After many years, we make our return to Triumph Brewery in Princeton this Friday!  It will be like seeing an old friend, and I look forward to the reunion!  Hopefully, it'll be the start of a regular thing!  Please come by and celebrate with us... no ice-breaking necessary!  Show starts at 10pm... and then it's off to Hailey's on Saturday, which, although we play there often, we always appreciate and enjoy!  Thanks, Hailey's, we'll see you at 9pm!

03.30.17 - John & Peter's this Saturday, baby!  Check out our 9:30pm show at the bossest little rock & venue in Eastern PA!  It's a throwback to a simpler time when people would just come out to have fun and listen to some good music...

03.22.17 - Spring has sprung and we are psyched!  What better way to kick off the season of eternal hope than to come to a show at Salt Creek Grille?  Shake off them winter blues, man!  We'll be doing our thang this Friday, at 8pm!

03.15.17 - Hops, baby!  This Saturday, please check us out at this awesome Morristown venue!  Show starts at 9:30pm... a very apropos venue name considering the coming Easter holiday, no?

03.08.17 - This Friday, we'll go on a little trip.  First, we'll take 280 East to the GSP, heading south.  Then, we'll get off at exit 132.  We'll stay to the right, which puts us on Rt 27 South.  Then, we'll go a few miles until we see Main Street in Metuchen.  We'll  make a left onto Main St., which will undoubtedly have no parking.  After a few blocks, we'll see her - a thing of beauty, on our LHS:  Hailey's Harp & Pub!  So, what's your route gonna be?

03.01.17 - A gig at Fran's Pub?  Why not?  The place is awesome, the crowd is great, New Hope is a wonderful town, so why not do it?  I wish all of life's questions were so easy to answer!  See you there this Friday, at 8pm! 

02.16.17 - We got two fine gigs this week!  First up, an absolute gem at Salt Creek Grille in Princeton on Friday at 8pm!  Don't miss it, because this place just lends itself to awesome shows.  We always have good mojo here (no jinxing) and we hope to continue the trend!  Saturday, don't be late for our Hops show in Morristown at 9:30pm!  Another place with wonderful vibes, and an all-around cool hang!  Peace!

02.10.17 - Hailey's, tonight!  Those are two words that always work me up, in a good way!  We'll be looking forward to seeing you at our favorite Metuchen spot at 9pm!  Saturday, don't miss our show at Small World Coffee House in Princeton!  We love this joint!   Check it out, the gig starts at 8:30pm!

02.02.17 - We had a great  time last night at Moby Dick's!  So grateful to all those people who made it out on a Wednesday night!  We know it ain't easy.  This Friday, we're back in business!  And we love our business, especially when conducted within the confines of John & Peter's in New Hope!  So come and enjoy Friday night with the Fresh!  Saturday, I'm doin' a solo thing at the National Hotel in Frenchtown, and I'm really lookin' forward to it!  Please come out and sing along with me!

01.05.17 -  Happy New Year, everybody!  I hope everyone had a great holiday season!  Just because the holidays are over, doesn't mean the good times stop.  In fact, let's celebrate this young year with a great gig at Pattenburg House this Saturday!  The show starts at 8pm, and we hope you can join us!  'Tis always the season for music!

12.29.16 - This Friday, check us out at Hops!  Our favorite lounge in Morristown will be the scene of our next musical odyssey.  It's always an epic adventure, and we're looking forward to it... show starts at 9:30pm!  Next, NYE!!!  Now, if you have any desire whatsoever to have a good time, it will behoove you to groove you on over to New Hope this Saturday for what will be an incredible show!  It's a great honor for us to be invited to play the New Year's Eve Gala for the new Music Mountain Theatre! The show will be held at the New Hope Eagle Fire Company, where awesomeness will surely abound!  There will be some ultra-talented cabaret singers (I'm blown away every time I see these guys perform), booze, food and a silent auction!  I can't think of a better way to make the 16/17 transition!  8pm, people!

12.21.16 - Salt Creek Grille, this Friday!  Princeton is a town that has always been good to us, so, being that it is the season of giving, we wanna return the love!  Our gift is music, and we'll wrap it up as best we could!  Show starts at 8pm!  Merry Gigmas!

12.14.16 - Ahoy there!  See you at Moby Dick's in Sewaren... tonight!  Our musical journey sets sail at 7:30pm, and we'll be whaling!  Uh, wailing, that is!  Hope to see you there!  Also, this Saturday in Metuchen, don't miss out on Hailey's Winter Warmer!  Several acts will be on the bill, and so will yours truly!  Catch us at 2pm!

12.06.16 - This Friday, please catch our show at Hailey's Harp & Pub!  This is our Central Jersey headquarters, and for good reason!  We love it here!  Let's be good to each other... show starts at 9pm!

12.02.16 - Our last hurrah at the Ivy Inn in Princeton is tonight at 10pm!   It's hard to believe, but all good things come to an end.  We've had such a great run there and it will be sad when we pack up for the last time.  But before that, there's all that rockin' & rollin' to do!  We'll do our best to finish strong!  Adios, Ivy, we'll miss you!  Saturday, we got just the thing to cheer us up, and that's a gig at John & Peter's in beautiful New Hope, PA!  What better place to pick up our spirits?  Come for the healing at 9:30pm!

11.17.16 - We are pleased to announce our return to Hops in Morristown this Friday!  You've heard the saying "Washington slept here", right?  Well, I know for a fact that Washington drank here!  Third stool from the back wall, as a matter of fact.  See you at 9:30pm, my fellow revolutionaries!

11.09.16 - The regime may be changing, but one thing you can count on is this: Rainbow Fresh is gonna give you its all, and that's not just some empty campaign promise!  Rocking out is an issue with complete bipartisan support!  We hope you elect to check us out this Friday, as we stump New Brunswick, and deliver our sweet, musical platform!  The rally starts at 9pm!  Saturday, we brush up on world politics with a diplo-melodic mission to our favorite Central Jersey Irish joint, Hailey's Harp & Pub!  Negotiations begin at 9pm!  We hope to trade rock songs for a plate of corned beef and cabbage and some U.S. currency! 

11.03.16 - Well, that was a great weekend!  Another great one coming up, and you don't have to wait 108 years for it!  We'll see you this Friday at The Local in Pt Pleasant, PA, 9pm, for what we hope will be another awesome show at this awesome venue!  We'll follow that up with a gig at Small World Coffee in Princeton at 8:30pm on Saturday!  Can't wait...

10.28.16 - Hello, music lovers!  This weekend is great, you know why?  Halloween!  Rainbow Fresh never met a holiday they didn't like, but Halloween is booloved by us!  First things first:  tonight, we have Salt Creek Grille, so you know it's gonna be a special night!  If you have plans already, cancel 'em!  Come hang with us in Princeton at 8pm!  Saturday night, we head to our favorite hotel in the world - The National Hotel in Frenchtown!  And even better, we're hosting a Halloween party which is - you guessed it - our favorite in the world!  Come with your costume and your pumpkin-sized cojones to the Rathskellar (located in the basement of the aforementioned National Hotel) for the best party west of Transylvania!  This freakish gig starts and 9pm, so don't be a fool - be a ghoul!

10.20.16 - Tonight is Hailey's!  How's that for subtlety? Check our show out at 8pm!  We've unearthed an old Rainbow Fresh classic, which we plan to unveil tonight.  It's been so long, we're not even sure if we've ever performed it live or not!  Come see this mystery unfold!  Tomorrow, Friday, we hit our favorite New Brunswick joint, World of Beer!  We'll be hittin' the stage at around 9pm, so settle in and settle down!  Peace!

10.17.16 - If you missed our Ivy Inn gig this past Friday, we feel bad for you, because it was epic!  If you haven't listened to our new single, 'You Could've Had The Best', (which you can listen to for FREE by clicking the link below) we feel bad for you.  Stop making us feel bad!  A sure-fire remedy for your malaise is to take two Rainbow Fresh gigs a week, until you feel better.  Then, after you feel better, take two more!  Repeat these steps every week for the foreseeable future.

10.05.16 - I hope you guys liked our new song, 'You Could've Had The Best'!  We'll be playing that, along with many, many other groovy tunes at John & Peter's and Apple Jack this weekend!  Both of these PA joints are awesome, so come to one or, better yet, both!  Friday night's rocking will take place at J&P's in New Hope at 9:30pm!  Saturday's R&R party will be at Apple Jack at 9pm in Pt Pleasant, PA!

09.29.16 - Check out our new one!!!


09.23.16 - Two opportunities to rock this weekend!  Check our schedule for details, puleeze!  Sunday, we have our first ever show at Apple-Jack in Pt Pleasant, PA!  We hope you can make it to this inaugural event, and we hope to rock their socks off in the process!  Show begins at 3pm...

09.14.16 - Two boss gigs at two boss places!  This Friday, we get to do our thing at Salt Creek Grille, and we're gonna play it like it's our last gig, ever!  Because you never know, right?  Catch us there, starting at 8pm!  Assuming we survive, we'll be at Hailey's Harp & Pub on Saturday, another one of our favorite joints to play!  We'll make the trek to Metuchen, home of the great Juan Epstein, and be on stage for that one at 9pm, so don't be tardy!

09.09.16 - Ivy Inn in Princeton, tonight!  It's back to school time, y'all - rock school, that is!  Classes start at 10pm!  This Saturday, hear some bellissimo sounds at Calandra's Italian Village!  Show starts at 7pm - otherwise known as dinner time!  Time to mangia and make some music, mi amici!

09.01.16 - Back to our old stomping grounds!  We finally return to Jersey City, and we couldn't be more proud!  Check us out this Friday night at The Lumberyard at 8:00pm! 

08.24.16 - Tonight, we finally catch our white whale!  Come see us at Moby Dick's in scenic Sewaren, NJ!  This gig sets sail at 7:30pm!  This Friday, we hit a wonderful spot - American Spirits Roadhouse in Asbury, NJ!  Patrick Swayze would've loved to have been a bouncer here!  Showtime is 9pm... we'll see you there!

08.17.16 - Catch our Thursday show down the shore!  We'll be hitting the elevated stage at Asbury Festhalle & Biergarten at 9:00pm!  I hope we Bennies get a warm reception!  Friday night, it's Hops!  We always have a great time at this wonderful little Morristown joint!  See you at 9:30pm!

08.12.16 - Hailey's, we love ya, babe!  And we're gonna show you tonight at 9pm!  Check out our show at this wonderful Metuchen landmark!  Saturday, we'll be at Salt Creek Grille, and the vibes are never salty here!  It's always a good time at this jewel of a joint!  Great food, great fun...right in Princeton!  Show starts at 8pm!

08.03.16 - John & Peter's, everybody!  That's this Friday at 9:30pm!  Saturday, we have two shows.  At noon, we play at Tinton Falls Premium Outlets... certain to enhance your back-to-school shopping experience!  Ugh, gross!  Please don't let summer end!  The evening's festivities will be at World of Beer in New Brunswick!  That one starts at 9pm, so don't be late!

07.28.16 - This Friday, check us out in Hoboken!  We'll be at Finnegan's Pub, a real Irish Joint.  This isn't Shannon Rose, laddies.  Show starts at 10pm, so be there!

07.20.16 - Four gigs this weekend!  Thursday, check out a solo performance in Hoboken at Pilsener Haus & Biergarten starting at 8pm!  Friday, we keep the German thing going with a 10pm show at Asbury Festhalle & Biergarten!  Uber-awesome, mein friends!  Saturday, we revisit our favorite New Brunswick joint, World of Beer!  That one begins at 9pm!  Finally, Sunday, we take part in the New Hope Wine & Music Festival!  We hit at 3:45pm!  Very excited!

07.06.16 - Tonight!  Don't miss us at Moby Dick's in scenic Sewaren, NJ!  We love this joint, and sometimes, our pal and resident bartender, Donnie LaPenta, will blow sax on a few tunes!  The shenanigans start at 7:30pm!  This Friday, you cannot be tardy to the party!  Rainbow Fresh plays that iconic Princetion landmark, the Ivy Inn, at 10pm, and we all know what an awesome time that can be!  Surely, after to coming to those shows, you'll be thirsty for more, no?  Well, the opportunity awaits on Saturday at 9pm at the American Spirits Roadhouse in beautiful Asbury, NJ!  This gem of a joint right off of Rt. 78 is one of our favorites, and for good reason!  Awesome sound system, awesome grub, and awesome people!  Sounds awesome, doesn't it?

06.29.16 - Hailey's?  On a Thursday night?  You bet!  Check this rare pre-weekend, post-hump day show at our favorite Metuchen hang!  It all goes down at 8pm!  Saturday night, be sure to come to our Salt Creek Grille gig, because it will be a blast!  Ok, so maybe we can't make those kinds of guarantees, but chances are, it's gonna be an awesome night!

06.21.16 - Rainbow Fresh owns the summer!  We're excited to kick it off this weekend, with a bunch of awesome gigs!  This Friday, Hoboken comes calling...check us out at Finnegan's Pub at 10pm!  Always a pleasure to see our Hudson County brethren!   Saturday, we start off with a private party, then end the evening down at John & Peter's in New Hope!   J&P's is a throwback music venue, and that's a good thing, folks.  It takes us back to a time when live music was king!  Check out our show, it starts at 9:30pm!  Finally, Sunday, there's a solo set to be heard at Pilsener Haus in Hoboken!  Check out the sounds, starting at 1pm!

06.16.16 - Go to Hops this Friday!  We'll be there, we'll play some tunes, and we'll hang out!  Sound good?  Good!  See you there at 9:30pm.  It really is that simple.

06.09.16 - Will we be able to rock Asbury Festhalle & Biergarten this Saturday at 9pm?  We'll just have to wait and see, won't we?  You have our word, we'll do our best!  I hear Asbury Park is quite lovely this time of year!

06.01.16 - Hailey's alert!  Kick off June with this beauty of a gig!  We'll confirm the hang at 9pm, this Friday, in Metuchen.  Saturday, at 8:30pm, you gotta catch us at Small World Coffee in Princeton!  Like the Summer Solstice, this happens only once a year, so don't miss out!

05.26.16 - Another trifecta gig alert!  Solo performance tonight, at Pilsener Haus in Hoboken!  Don't miss the 8pm start, mein friends!  Tomorrow, we'll be at the Ivy Inn, and you don't need a Princeton degree to know how that goes!  Be there by 10pm!  Finally, New Brunswick, home of my beloved alma mater, comes calling on Saturday!  Don't you miss the 9pm start at World of Beer!  Happy Memorial Day Weekend, everybody!

05.18.16 - Hops!  If that one word conjures up memories of a good-time rock & roll outing, then you've seen us there before!  Well, you're in luck, because it's deja vu all over again!  This Friday, come to this awesome Morristown joint.  We'll be starting there at 9:30pm!  Saturday, don't miss our first appearance at the Garner Arts Festival, at 2pm!  We're definitely looking forward to playing for our friends up in NY.  Any county named Rockland is a place we wanna be!

05.11.16 - 4 gigs in a week is outrageous!  Outrageously good, that is!  Tonight, don't miss Rainbow Fresh's return after a two week Anarctic scientific turns out, penguins love us, too!  Yearning for warmer climes, we'll be at Moby Dick's tonight, 7:30pm, in Sewaren.  Friday, we test the waters of Green Brook, NJ, and attempt to rock Capital Craft at 9pm!  This is a new joint for us, and we hope to grow old together.  Saturday, we return to familiar sensations, and head south on the Parkway to Central Jersey, home of Metuchen's own Hailey's Harp & Pub!  We hope to see old friends and make some new ones, starting at 9pm!  Finally, Sunday, we return to the mecca of the Jersey music scene, Hoboken!  This is a solo show, but high-energy, nonetheless!  Come to Pilsner Haus and Biergarten at 1:00pm, and let's rock, mein friends!

04.22.16 - Another awesome weekend of gigs!  Tonight, we visit the Ivy Inn, which is an incredible joint...if you've seen us there before, you know what we're talking about.  It's been the scene of many an epic gig, and we hope to deliver a performance for the ages at 10pm tonight!  Tomorrow, things get interesting in Metuchen, as we take part in the Fauxchella Music Festival at Hailey's Harp & Pub!  The music starts at 12pm, and we close the show at 3pm.  Later that evening, we head over to...brace yourself...John & Peter's!  New Hope always shows us love, and we do our best to reciprocate!  Check us out at 9:30pm at New Hope's finest music venue!

04.07.16 - Two excellent gigs this week!  First, we'll heading down to Hailey's in Metuchen on Friday for an awesome 9pm show!  If you've ever been to Hailey's, then you'll know why we love playing there.  If you haven't, well, what are you waiting for?  Saturday, we return to Hops in Morristown!  Did you know that George Washington slept there?  Well, he did, and we can show you the exact seat, too!  The term 'passed out' didn't exist in the late 1700's, so we're not sure if it was because George had a few too many beers.  He deserved it after all of those brutal battles with the Brits in those horrible Morristown winters.  Anyway, show starts at 9:30pm!

03.22.16 - This Wednesday, come check us out at Moby Dick's in Sewaren, NJ!  This white whale isn't so elusive.  Not only that, it will bring you way more joy than the creature in Herman Melville's classic!  We set sail at 7:30pm, me hearties!  This Saturday, we head on down to Salt Creek Grille in Princeton for a 8pm show!  We have some of our best shows here, so don't miss it!

03.16.16 - Hops is where it's at!  This Friday at 9:30pm, please be sure to catch us at this great little lounge in Morristown.  Lotsa beers, good food, and good tunes.  What else do you need?

03.03.16 - Tonight!  Catch a solo performance of the Rainbow Fresh catalog, plus a plethora of groovy covers!  It all happens at American Spirits Roadhouse in Asbury, NJ, at 8:30pm.  Friday, you can't miss our first John & Peter's performance of 2016!  We'll be rockin' this New Hope joint this Friday at 9:30pm, so don't miss it!  Finally, another solo strum is happening at Pilsener Haus in Hoboken on Sunday at 1:00pm!  So, get that stein filled, eat up the brat, and listen to some fine tuneage.

02.27.16 - Oh, yes!  Tonight, we play at World of Beer in New Brunswick!  We really love this joint, and you know we're gonna give it our all.  So, if you wanna see a band let it all hang out, come check out the show at 9pm!

02.19.16 - Tonight at 9:30pm!  Catch Rainbow Fresh at Hops in Morristown!  Unless you gave up listening to music for Lent, you oughta be there!  Amen!

02.02.16 - Happy Groundhog Day, everyone!  I will definitely watch this Bill Murray classic tonight.  But tomorrow night, Rainbow Fresh has other plans, and you figure into them!  Come join us at Moby Dick's in Sewaren, NJ, for a 7:30pm show!  We love this joint, and you definitely will, too.  Saturday, we head over to Metuchen, NJ, and play at one of our favorite spots, Hailey's Harp & Pub!  Come and savor the Irish flavor!  Show starts at 9pm... hope to see you there!  Enjoy this fine weather while it lasts!  And we're sincerely sorry for slacking in the updates department.  You know we still love you!

01.06.16 - What an excellent way to start off 2016!  C'mon and join us this Thursday at Hailey's in Metuchen... show starts at 8pm!

12.27.15 - Man, you don't want to miss our NYE bash at Salt Creek Grille in Princeton!  Please join us on Thursday night at 9pm!  We would love nothing better than to ring in 2016 with our closest friends!

12.24.15 - Happy Holidays from Rainbow Fresh!  We have the best fans in the world, and it's something we will always be grateful for!  God bless you and all of your families!

12.15.15 - We Three Gigs will bring joy, life and love!  Thursday, join us at Pilsener Haus in Hoboken for an 8:00 show!  The perfect after-work, after-shopping experience!  Friday, we'll be at Ivy Inn in Princeton, starting at 10pm... we always feel like its Christmas morning at that joint!  Finally, Saturday, we'll be at the American Spirits Roadhouse at 9pm, in Asbury, NJ!  We love this joint and we hope to see some of our friends there!

11.25.15 - Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!  We'll be at Finnegan's Pub in Hoboken on Saturday, celebrating the long weekend!  Hopefully, you'll be there, too!  See you then at 10pm!

11.17.15 - This Friday, come to our show at John & Peter's in New Hope!  Why?  Two reasons.  First, it's gonna be awesome.  Second, the 1st 10 fans who show up will win a brand new 2016 Buick Enclave!  Disclaimer:  Rainbow Fresh has the right to lie about anything non-music related.

11.12.15 - Tonight!  Don't miss our gig at Pilsener Haus in Hoboken... show starts at 8pm...alles klar, Kommissar?  Friday night, we hit our favorite Morristown joint, Hops!  This beauty starts at 9:30pm.  Finally, on Saturday, a new venue gets it's first taste of the Fresh... join us at 10pm at Richie's Sports Bar in Edison.  Come fly with us on our maiden voyage!  Hopefully, it's the first of many gigs there!

10.28.15 - Check out these great end-of-October gigs and beyond!  Don't miss our coolish, ghoulish, annual Halloween Bash at the Rathskeller in the National Hotel!  And this Thursday's gig is gonna be great when we return to one of our main haunts (get it?), Hailey's in Metuchen!  Not to be outdone, Finnegan's, our favorite Hoboken joint, will be supplying the scene for pre-Halloween rocking!

10.21.15 - Hops on Friday!  Can't wait for this gig, as it's not far from our home base, and it's always a good time... catch us at 9:30pm!

10.15.15 - Can Rainbow Fresh pull off the trifecta?  They have my bet! Friday's show is at the Ivy Inn in Princeton, starting at 10pm.  For the uninitiated, you best initiate yourself!  Saturday's show is at Artie's Bar and Grill, a beautiful place in beautiful Frenchtown!  Show starts at 10pm.  Sunday, we take our act to the ever-awesome Pilsener Haus & Biergarten in wonderful Hoboken!  We start at 1pm, so grab your stein, watch some football, eat some Octoberfest, and listen to some tunes!  Danke!

10.09.15 - Oh, man!  Hailey's tonight!  This show starts at 9pm, so don't be late... Metuchen awaits!  Tomorrow, we hit Kingston, mon!  Not Trenchtown, not Frenchtown, but Kingston, NJ!  Kixx is the name of the joint, and it's a new one for us, so we're excited about it.  This one's a 9pm start, too.  Finally, Sunday, we hit the Jersey Shore Premium Outlets from 12-3pm!  Come rock while you shop!

09.22.15 - Ahoy, there!  Catch us at Moby Dicks in Sewaren, tomorrow at 7pm!  It should be a jolly-good time!  This Friday, don't miss our return to Calandra's in Caldwell at 7:30pm... our roots run deep here... the whole band will be James Caldwell High School alumni!

09.18.15 - John & Peter's tonight!  Check us out at our favorite New Hope joint!  Show starts at 9:45pm.  Tomorrow night, don't miss our gig in Morristown!  We'll be playing at Hops at 9:30pm... yes!

08.31.15 - Monday Summer Madness!  Check us out, city folk, we'll be at World of Beer in Chelsea tonight at 8pm!  We usually play their New Brunswick location, but we're happy to make the closer trip to the Big Apple.  As the name implies, they got a lotta different kinds of beer... and the pretzels are deelish!

08.19.15 - Oh, yes!  The Ivy Inn in Princeton is this Friday!  Don't miss this gig, it's one of our favorites... show starts at 10pm.  Saturday night is a different kind of vibe, but it's all about good music, which is the common denominator.  Check us out at the Washington House in Basking Ridge at 8pm!

08.17.15 - 'The Things That We Do' is finally available for purchase!  Check out this link:

08.14.15 - Salt Creek Grille, we love ya!  And we'll be there this Saturday at 8pm, so don't you miss out!  SCG has got some great food, so if you're looking for something yummy, plus some food for the soul (that's where we come in), make it happen!  Summer's still here, let's enjoy it while we can...

08.06.15 - Four gigs this weekend, holy moly!  First up, this Friday, it's our beloved New Hope home, John & Peter's!  It's always a great scene there, so don't miss our 9:30pm start.  Next up, on Saturday, we have Hops in Morristown at 9:30pm!  George Washington stayed here, and I'm sure he would've stayed longer if he would've heard us play some tunes!   It's a double-header on Sunday, people!  We're not talking innings here, we're talking sets!  First up, at 12pm, we'll be at the Jersey Shore Premium Outlets, providing the ultimate shopping experience!  Then, we head to Asbury (not Asbury Park), for a show at the hottest new venue in Western Jersey!  Our good friend Pete D'Costa, owner of the incredible National Hotel in Frenchtown, has opened up a new place called the American Spirits Roadhouse!  We'll be hitting it at around 8pm, but there's music starting at 6pm, so check it out!

06.25.15 - Tonight!  Check us out at Pilsener Haus & Biergarten at 8pm in Hoboken!  Ja, das ist gut!   Friday, we hit the Pattenburg House in Asbury, NJ (not Asbury Park) at, we love that joint!  Finally, Saturday, New Hope's very own John & Peter's plays host to the Freshness!  It happens at 9:30, so don't miss out!

06.16.15 - We got 3 awesome gigs this weekend!  Friday, we return to Hailey's Harp & Pub in Metuchen for a 9pm show.  Anyone who's been to Hailey's knows what a fun place it is.  Saturday, we take our act down south on Rt 1 for an 8pm show at Salt Creek Grille!  We love that joint!  Finally, Sunday, we head to NYC for our favorite Manhattan gig, the Make Music New York Festival!  This year, we team up with Peanut Butter & Company again, on Sullivan St (between Bleecker and W 3rd) at 12pm.  If it ain't broke, why fix it?

06.03.15 - Tonight!  Rainbow Fresh plays hot licks at Moby Dick's!  Check this show out, it's in Sewaren, NJ, at 7:30pm.  Also, we'll be at Hops in Morristown on Friday at 9:30pm, and Saturday at Small World Coffee in Princeton at 8:30pm... don't miss these awesome shows!

05.29.15 - The notice might be late, but the gig will be great!  Check us out at Porter's Pub, tonight, in Easton, PA.  Things kick off at 10pm!  We got a private party this Saturday, so we'll only be seeing some of you there...but don't worry, we'll be thinking about all of you!

05.20.15 - Memorial Day weekend kicks off a four-bulous schedule for Rainbow Fresh!  Friday, at 10pm, we kick things off at the Ivy Inn, in Princeton, NJ, where adjectives such as 'over the top', 'insane', and 'outrageous' are routinely used to describe the phenomena we call the 'Rainbow Fresh Experience'.  Saturday, we head over to Finnegan's Pub in our beloved town of Hoboken, NJ, and crank out tunes from 10pm to 1am!  Finnegan's is a true jewel of a venue, so please don't miss this one!  Sunday, we have our 2nd private party of the season.  But we gotta keep things... um, private about that one.  Well, we're looking forward to it!  Lastly, on Monday, we'll be playing our tunes in front of unsuspecting, but surely-to-be-blown-away shoppers at the Jersey Shore Premium Outlets in Tinton Falls, NJ, at 12pm.  Add that to your shopping list!

05.11.15 - Salt Creek Grille was awesome this past Friday!  Thanks to all those who made it.  We also had two exquisite gigs on Saturday, one of which was a private party, and the other one being Hops in Morristown!  Gotta love those two-a-days!  This week, we have a private party on Saturday in Morristown that we'll be looking forward to.

04.28.15 - Communiversity was amazing!  If you were there, thank you!  This Friday, we get back to our all-time favorite New Hope venue, John & Peter's.  Show starts at 9:30pm, so please, don't be late!  We're so pumped for this one...

04.23.15 - It's finally here... Communiversity!  Rainbow Fresh and the town/university of Princeton have a very special bond.  If you look at our calendar, you'll notice that we play at lot of our gigs here.  This Sunday at 3:30pm, we'll have the privilege of playing at this great community event!  So, please, check us out!  We'll be at the Washington Road Stage, doing our thing... don't miss it!

04.13.15 - Very excited for our Ivy Inn gig this Friday!  If you've never been at this Princeton joint to see us play, you're missing out.  Princeton may be Ivy League, but there's no snobbery here!  Show starts at 10pm.  Also, we've been working on a new recording, 'You Could've Had The Best', which is shaping up to be a Rainbow Fresh classic!  We're definitely going to be playing that this Friday!

04.01.15 - There will be no April foolin' around tonight!  We'll bring our serious (not really) business to Moby Dick's in Sewaren at 7:30pm!  Get ready to get down and have a good time!  So, I guess there will be foolin' around.  This Friday, we share the stage (this hardly ever happens) with our pals, Mister Revelator, at Fran's Pub in New Hope!  Showtime is at 9pm, so don't miss out...

03.25.15 - Here we come, Hoboken!  Finnegan's Pub is our new favorite joint in town, and we'll be there this Friday at 10pm!  Because our first gig was so nice, we get to play there twice.  Hopefully, we can keep it going... 

03.18.15 - Led Zeppelin had MSG, the Beatles had Shea Stadium, and Rainbow Fresh has the Ivy Inn... minus the screaming girls and limos!  But it's still the best time around... see you this Friday at 10pm!

03.13.15 - Hops, tonight!  Check out this very cool lounge in Morristown at 10pm!  We'll be there...

03.04.15 - Let's face it, March kind of sucks, weather-wise.  It's usually not as bad as January or February, but everyone's so sick of Winter by this time, and every year, we're fooled into thinking Spring is just around the corner.  Well, it's not.  But not everything in March sucks!  Two examples: our gigs this week at Moby Dick's (Wednesday at 7:30pm), and Northern Soul (Thursday at 9:00pm)!  Come out and shake those mid-week, late-Winter doldrums and have a few tunes on us!

02.19.15 - This Friday, don't miss our show at World of Beer in New Brunswick!  We're all big Rutgers fans (long-suffering), and we'll make the most of this on-campus appearance... class starts at 9pm!  This Saturday, we got Hops!  No, we can't jump that high, but we'll get our musician's high at this lovely Morristown venue!  See ya at 10pm!

02.11.15 - All that love talk in the previous post was a bit premature, wasn't it?  Especially since Valentine's Day is this week.  No matter, Rainbow Fresh has got you covered, lovebugs.  Make sure you make it to Hailey's Harp & Pub in Metuchen on Friday at 9pm, because we're gonna romance you with 3 sets of sounds that will lift you're libido faster than a virgin at the Playboy Mansion!  On Saturday, get ready to go to Salt Creek Grille in Princeton at 8pm, as we pump out tunes sweeter than a box of Russell Stover's!

02.04.15 - February is the month of love, and we have two chances to show our love for you guys, at two venues we absolutely love!  Ok, that's enough with the love.  But seriously, check us out this Friday at John & Peter's in New Hope!  Show starts at 9:30pm, and we can't wait!  Saturday, things just keep on getting better because we hit Princeton again...Small World Coffee to be exact!  The music starts at 8:30, so come on down (or up). 

01.30.15 - We are not in hibernation!  Although there's no gigs this week, we'll be working on new music and recording.  Wish us luck, we want to come out with the best sounds possible... peace, brothers and sisters!

01.15.15 - We love those Ivy Inn gigs!  Well, it just so happens that we have one this Friday at 10pm!  2015 is off to a very good start... come down (or up) to Princeton, and lets have a good time!

01.06.15 - Wow, a New Year!  As Mr. Lennon said, let's make it a good one, without any fear.  Here's something you definitely shouldn't be afraid of... the two great gigs we have this week!  As a matter of fact, seeing one or both of these shows would be healthy for you, although I can't prove it.  But I just know it would be.  So, we begin our wellness campaign this Wednesday, 7:30pm, at Moby Dick's in Sewaren!   Great venue, great people- don't miss out!  Saturday's performance at Salt Creek Grille in Princeton at 8pm will surely lower your cholesterol and give your ears the medicine they need!  Be well!

12.31.14 - We wish you all a very, very Happy New Year!  If you're still uncommitted about tonight, well, it's time to make a decision!  Here's the smart move:  Come to DPAC's New Year's Eve Gala Fundraiser at the Event Center by Cornerstone (46 N Sugan Rd, New Hope, PA 18938)... festivities start at 8pm!  There's food, dancing, a silent action, an amazing Cabaret show, and us!  Sounds like a fantastic way to close out 2014!

12.23.14 - This past weekend's gigs were incredible!  Special thanks go out to both venues, Hailey's Harp & Pub and World of Beer!  But most importantly, we'd like to thank our fans who are just about the best people on the planet... we love you guys and we wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, and Happy Kwanzaa!

12.19.14 - Hailey's tonight!  Basically, Hailey's Harp & Pub is our living room, and we're inviting all of you to come to our house at 9pm!  Maybe there's a Christmas tune or two in the mix, who knows?  See you in Metuchen!  Next up, we have World of Beer on Saturday at 9pm, and it's always great feeling to rock out in New Brunswick!  These will be our last gigs before Jesus' birthday, so we wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

12.11.14 - It's as good as it gets this weekend!  First, we hit the Ivy Inn this Friday at 10pm for our final peformance of 2014... you know it's gonna be great, so don't miss it... see you in Princeton!  Saturday, we play Gateway Liquor's annual Christmas Bash at 8pm... even Santa might get a little wasted at this one!  It's all happening in Atlantic Highlands, right on Route 36!

12.02.14 - This Saturday, don't miss our show at John & Peter's!  We return to our favorite New Hope joint with renewed purpose, a decimated bank account (thanks, Christmas), and hope for a better tomorrow (thanks, Christmas)!  Sound ambitious enough?  This ain't no Cyber Monday sale and this ain't no spectator sport!  You gotta be in it to win it!  See you there!

11.26.14 - Holy Snowballs!  Looks like we'll be dreaming of a White Thanksgiving, but don't let the snow deter you from these holiday weekend gig offerings!  First, top off a Black Friday shopping spree with a trip to Hailey's Harp & Pub in Metuchen!  You'll get incredible deals on live music at the very best discounts possible... actually, you'll get it for absolutely free!  Sale starts a 9pm.  Then, find out just how enjoyable a warm beverage and good music can be... see for yourself at Small World Coffee in Princeton this Saturday at 8:30pm.

11.18.14 - Easton beckons!  This Friday, we'll head west to Porter's pub for a 10pm show!  Can't wait, it's been awhile since we've been there... hope you can make it!

11.05.14 - Had a great show at World of Beer last night, celebrating their 1st Anniversary in New Brunswick!  It was an honor to be chosen for such a great event!  Tomorrow night at 9pm, don't miss out on what will surely be a great time in Hoboken!  As NJ ex-governor Thomas Kean would say, 'Rainbow Fresh and Northern Soul... perfect together!'  Finally, a stripped-down but no-less-awesome RF awaits you on Friday at Hops in Morristown... show starts at 10pm!

10.28.14 -  Halloween is coming and something groovy this way comes!  This Halloween night, it would be un-ghoul of you to miss the best Halloween party this side of Transylvania... the National Hotel's Annual Halloween Bash, featuring your boo-sical friends, Rainbow Fresh!  It's a tradition now, and it's one that we love!

10.24.14 - Ivy Inn tonight!!  Please note, tomorrow's gig has changed venues!  We are now playing at 11:30pm at Maxwell's in Hoboken at 11:30pm!

10.14.14 - Tell the whole world we're at Hailey's this Friday!  Though Metuchen could hardly hold the entire earth's populace, we hope to jam the joint up - with people and with tunes!  Hope you can make it!  Show starts at 9pm...

10.10.14 - We had an excellent gig at Moby Dick's this past Wednesday!  If you came, you know what I'm talking about.  Today, we'll be going to New Brunswick to play at World of Beer at 9pm, and we always look forward to that gig!  Saturday, we'll jump on over to Hops in Morristown at 10pm for a stripped down (but no less rockin') set.  Finally, Saturday at 12pm, we hope to see down the shore for our last Jersey Premium Outlets gig of the season!  That's a whole lotta gigs...

10.02.14 - Geez, I know it probably hasn't been that long, but we sure miss playing at John & Peter's in New Hope!  That's to be remedied soon, as we are gearing up for what should be a great show, this Friday at 9:30pm!  You know we got mad love for J&P's, and we're gonna prove it this weekend!

09.24.14 - Ok, only one gig this week, but it's a doozy!  Check us out this Friday, as we dive bomb Metuchen, and fire some musical salvos at the patrons of Hailey's Harp & Pub!  The attack is planned for 2100 hours...  over and out!

09.17.14 - Thursday night, check us out at World Of Beer in New Brunswick!  Go, Rutgers!  Festivities commence at 9pm.  Holy Moly, we have the Ivy Inn this Friday!  Don't miss out, because it's usually a gig of epic proportions... show starts at 10pm.

09.08.14 - Two awesome gigs this week!  This Thursday, we have Northern Soul at 9pm, and we're looking forward to it because that place rocks!  Saturday, we bring our act to Morristown for a 10pm show at Hops... we could definitely enjoy getting used to this!

08.21.14 - Sorry we haven't  been on here in awhile, we miss you!  Come check us out tonight at World of Beer in New Brunswick at 8:30pm!  Tomorrow night, we'll be at Moby Dick's in Sewaren... 9pm start!

08.05.14 - Two excellent gigs this weekend!  It'll be like visiting the homes of two of our best friends!  This Friday, it's an early August blowout at John & Peter's in New Hope!  Show starts at 9:30pm, so don't be tardy to the party (never thought I'd be quoting from an Atlanta housewife... oh, well).  Saturday, we're back at Hailey's in Metuchen... love that joint!  Show starts at 9pm, and we hope to see some of our old pals, and to make some new ones, as well. 

07.22.14 - Roxy & Dukes Roadhouse!  Well, people have been telling us about this place for years, and we've got a show there this Friday at 9pm!  Hopefully, it will be a great show because you guys know we'll let it all hang out for you... always!

07.16.14 - Oh, man, the Ivy Inn?  Please don't miss what should prove to be an awesome, rockin', midsummer night's show in Princeton!  It all happens this Friday, at 10pm!  Don't be late!

07.10.14 - Alright, some long-awaited Hoboken action!  Check us out, tonight at 9pm, for what should be a great show at Northern Soul.  We've missed playing there, and we can't wait!

06.27.14 - This one's for you, Jon!  Jon Bross, our beloved engineer, co-producer, friend, etc., is recovering from some pretty serious medical problems... we can't wait until you're back in action, pal!  Jon is also the sound engineer at Triumph Brewing Company in New Hope, which is where we happen to be playing this Saturday at 10pm!  So, although he won't be there working the board, he will be there in spirit... you are missed, brother!

06.25.14 - Check this out!  We were a featured Make Music New York artist in Metro NY magazine!  It was, by the way, an incredible day!  What a way to celebrate the first day of summer!

06.17.14 - Quadfecta alert!  Did we just make up a word?  No matter, we have four shows this weekend... and three of them are this Saturday!  First up, we play our favorite NYC gig, the Make Music New York Festival!  This has become an annual tradition for us, and we love it!  This'll be the 3rd year that we're partnering up with our pals, Peanut Butter & Co., and we'll be playing in front of their storefront on Sullivan St at 12:00pm.  So please, if you're wandering around Manhattan on Saturday, make your way towards the West Village and do some sidewalk partying with us!  Right after, we head west on Route 78 towards Easton, PA, for the Island Jams In The Alley Festival!  This one starts at 4pm, and there's no reason why it shouldn't be completely irie, mon!  Finally, we head back east towards Morristown, in a full-blown attempt to lay it down at Hops!  This shindig starts at 10pm, so don't be late, cuz we sure won't.  But wait, here's the cherry on top!  On Sunday at 4pm, we head down to Trenton to play the NJ350 Festival!  Come to New Jersey's capital to celebrate our beautiful home state's 350th Anniversary!  Whew!

06.03.14 - We apologize for possibly wearing out the term 'trifecta', however, when you have 3 gigs within a calendar week, the vernacular must be considered apropos.  So here it is, a triumvirate of gigs!  First up, our first-ever show at Moby Dick's in Sewaren, NJ, on Wednesday!  Show starts at 8pm, so make sure you're there... it's gonna be a whale of a time (sorry, just couldn't resist)!  Second, we hit our favorite joint in Warren County!  Make way, Pattenburg House, we're coming for you, this Friday, at 9pm!  Finally, on Saturday, we do our thing at the Roseland Country Fair!  We'll be doing two sets, at 2:30pm and at 4:30pm... it won't be that Country, but it'll be good, y'all, so come on down, y'hear?

05.28.14 - Another Spring Trifecta!  The Gig Gods must be smiling down upon us!  Thursday, we take our show down the Turnpike to Exit 9... New Brunswick is the town, and World of Beer is the destination!  Show starts at 8:30pm.  On Friday, we do our thing at a secret show in Milford, NJ... what wonders await?  Finally, Saturday, we play our first-ever gig at Two Rivers Brewing Company in Easton, PA!  We hope it's the first of many!  Showtime is 8:30pm...

05.23.14 - Can't explain why, there must be something in the air - we are extremely excited about our show tonight at the Ivy Inn in Princeton!  Man, let's hope it's a good one!

05.21.14 - Three gigs, three days.  God, I love the sound of that!  Check out all three or any combination thereof;  we can't lose with you guys in the audience!  First up, we hit the coolest college bar we know of - the Ivy Inn!  Princeton's finest watering hole graciously hosts us, and we hope to deliver a performance for the ages, this Friday at 10pm.  Saturday, we head to a private party in Metuchen, rain or shine (hopefully, shine).  If you're invited, well, I hope you feel as lucky as we do!  Sunday, we travel across the river to play at John & Peter's at 9:30pm!  Very excited for this show, as J&P's is the greatest music venue west of the Delaware!  Let the trifecta begin!

05.15.14 - This Spring has been very slow in it's arrival, to be sure.  Well, we plan on getting things moving right away at Salt Creek Grille this Friday!  Be sure you arrive at this refined Princeton joint on time, because we'll presiding over this evening's musical offerings promptly at 7pm!

05.07.14 - Hello, music lovers!  Check out our show at Small World Coffee, the grooviest not-so-little coffee shop in New Jersey!  Showtime is this Saturday at 8:30pm... we got some new photos on here for you to peruse, so take a look-see!

05.01.14 - We received a lot of great feeback on our new song 'You Make It Better', so thanks to all our fans for listening!  We're already back in the studio working on the next one, so be on the lookout!  On the subject of gigs, we have a great one in store for you... we'll be playing at the North by Northeest Festival in New Hope!  Come to John and Peter's this Saturday, 9pm, and check out our show!

04.25.14 - NEW TUNE!  Finally, after a whole lotta work in the studio, we present to you our latest musical offering!  'You Make It Better' was a labor of love, to be sure, but it was worth it.  We hope you guys think so, too!  As with everything we do, you can stream it for free on our website audio player.  In a few days, we'll make it available for purchase and download on our website store page, and virtually every other digital music outlet!

04.22.14 - PA all day!  Actually, all weekend!  First up. we'll be hitting the floor at Porter's Pub in Easton at 10pm on Friday night... always a good time.  On Saturday, we'll be at our old New Hope haunt and live music venue extraordinaire, John and Peter's!  Show starts at 9:30pm...we're still Giants fans, don't worry.

04.15.14 - The gigs we have this week are anything but taxing!  For instance, check out our show at Northern Soul this Thursday at 9pm in Hoboken... you definitely can't write that one off!  Then, Friday, we play at Salt Creek Grille in Princeton at 7pm... just as awesome as getting a fat refund!

04.08.14 - Some cool stuff coming up!  A Hailey's Harp & Pub show is always a good time, and guess what?  It happens again, this Friday at 9pm!  Don't be late!  Then, Saturday at 11:30pm, Rainbow Fresh closes the Hub City Music Festival at World of Beer in New Brunswick... awesome!

04.03.14 - Finally!  Nice weather!  Let's celebrate this Saturday, shall we?  How about we meet at Fran's Pub in New Hope, about 9pm?  Sounds good!  See you there!

03.28.14 -  What's up, babes?  Tonight, we return to the Ivy Inn in Princeton at 10pm... we hope to make some new musical memories!  That place rocks!  Saturday, we stick closer to home with a performance at Little Town in Hoboken... show starts at 11pm, can't wait!

03.18.14 - Everybody's Irish on St. Paddy's Day, but the real Luck O' the Irish happens later in the week!  You must come to these shows!  It's akin to finding the proverbial Pot O' Gold at the end of the Rainbow Fresh!  (Ooh, don't you like how we worked that in?)  First up, this Thursday we hit World of Beer in New Brunswick at 8:30pm!  Leave your kilt at home, but bring your shilelagh if you must!  Then, Friday, it would behoove you to come to our Salt Creek Grille show starting at 7pm sharp!  C'mon, lads and lasses!

03.04.14 - Two more shows this week, and they're pretty awesome ones, if we may say so ourselves!  It's been a long time coming, and finally, this Friday, we return to Porter's Pub in Easton!  Show starts at 10pm sharp, so don't miss it.  Saturday, we go back to the baddast-ass little java joint around... Small World Coffee in Princeton!  Get there at 8:30pm and take in the aroma...

02.26.14 -  Alright!  Two gigs this weekend that may pique your interest:  Friday, we'll be at Hailey's Harp & Pub, doing our best to lay it down!  Show starts at 9pm.  Saturday, we'll trundle on over to the Side Bar in Morristown for a 10pm gig!  Make your appearance and we'll party together... 

02.16.14 - If you live in the northeast, then you must be getting a bit tired of Old Man Winter, right?  Well, good news is afoot.  A sure sign of good times ahead, even more accurate than the most meteorologically adept groundhog's forecast, is the  first appearance of the Rainbow Fresh Trifecta.  What is that, you ask?  It's three gigs in three days, my music-loving friend!  And when the Trifecta's start rolling in, sunny skies are not too far behind.  First up, start the weekend off early with Thursday night's show at our favorite Hoboken joint, Northern Soul!  Follow that up with a Salt Creek Grille show on Friday in Princeton, and now your playing with house money!  Let it ride on Saturday at World of Beer in New Brunswick!  Man, it's almost too good to be true!

02.03.14 - February, already?  Unbelievable!  Well, time flies by when you're having fun- and that's precisely what happens at a Rainbow Fresh gig!  So seize the day, heed the Groundhog, and come out of your Winter slumber so that you can come to one of these wonderful shows!  First, check us out at our New Hope homebase this Friday at 9:30pm!  You already know we're talking about John & Peter's, don't you?  That's 'cause you're smart.  You wouldn't dig Rainbow Fresh if you weren't!  On Saturday, we'll be at Little Town, in Hoboken... tunes will be starting at 11pm.  Perhaps you can get a glimpse of NJ royalty, as the RHONJ often frequent this beautiful establishment!

01.20.14 - A nice pair of gigs are coming up this weekend... first up, we hit Salt Creek Grille, this Friday at 7pm!  Be sure to make that trip to Princeton.  Next up, we do a stripped-down duo show at The Side Bar in Morristown, on Saturday!  Show stats at 10pm...

01.15.14 - Our first gig at Hailey's Harp & Pub in 2014 (hopefully, the first of many)!  Come to Metuchen and check it out, this Friday, at 9pm.  Hope to see you there!

01.08.14 - We're in a Pennsylvania state of mind this weekend!  First, this Friday, check us out at Pearly Baker's in Easton at 10pm!  Saturday, we're at Fran's Pub in New Hope at 9pm... don't miss these great shows in the great state of PA, our good neighbor to the west!

01.02.14 - We'd like to wish you guys a Happy New Year and thank you all so much for an incredible 2013!  It really was a wild ride!  We played 89 shows this year, which culminated in a sold-out NYE show at the Nation Hotel in Frenchtown.  Each show was special, as we made lots of new fans and friends.  We even managed to put out a few recordings!  We have high hopes for this coming year, and sincerely wish that good times are ahead for everybody.  Peace, love, joy, hope and Rainbow Fresh in 2014! 

12.30.13 - It's our last message to you until next year!  Please check out what is sure to be a NYE Bash for the ages!  There are still a few spots open for our party at the Rathskellar (located in the National Hotel in Frenchtown, NJ), so please... call now!  908-996-3200!

12.26.13 - Hope you guys had a fantastically Merry Christmas!  Let's keep the holiday festivities going!  This Friday, we'll be back in Metuchen at Hailey's Harp and Pub at 9pm to continue the merriment... NYE, a historically huge party night, will never be the same, but only if you happen to be coming to our show at the National Hotel in Frenchtown!  Held in the Rathskellar, we'll be rocking in the new year!  But hurry, because this event has limited spots available... be sure to call the hotel at 908-996-3200 in order to make your reservation.  Check out the Facebook invite:

12.20.13 - Tonight!  A winter groove advisory is in effect at the Pattenburg House, in Asbury, NJ (not to be confused with Asbury Park, NJ)...  check out our show at 9pm!  Who knows?  We may even bust out a Holiday tune, or two!  Merry Christmas to all of our awesome fans and friends!  Don't forget, Rainbow Fresh tunes make wonderful presents... check out in order to give the gift that keeps on giving!  You can also purchase our music through iTunes, Rhapsody, Medianet, Spotify, etc., etc....

12.11.13 - Three gigs in three days!  Christmas comes early for us!  Check us out this Thursday, 9pm, in our Hoboken homebase, Northern Soul... we love it there!  Friday brings us great tidings of joy, for once again, there will be much merriment at Hailey's Harp & Pub in Metuchen at 9pm...let us rock thee!  Finally, Saturday at 9pm, we give the gift of music to those who attend our show at World of Beer in New Brunswick... if it's anything like the our first show there two weeks ago, it will be a gift worth receiving!

12.03.13 - Awesome show coming up!  John & Peter's, in New Hope, Friday at 9:30pm!  It'll put you in the holiday spirit!

11.25.11 - We had the weekend off, and now we're ready to rock!  We have two awesome shows this week... this Friday, come dance them turkey legs off at World of Beer in New Brunswick at 9pm!  Then, Saturday, we play the best coffee house around... Small World Coffee in Princeton at 8:30pm!  Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

11.15.13 - Unfortunately, due to a scheduling snafu, we will not be at World of Beer tonight in New Brunswick.  This show has been rescheduled for Friday, 11.29.  However, our Saturday gig at Salt Creek Grille in Princeton at 7pm will proceed as planned!  In Rock We Trust!

11.13.13 - Something New:  World of Beer in New Brunswick, this Friday at 9pm... Rainbow Fresh has never rock this joint before, please come and testify!  Something Old (but awesome, nonetheless):  Rainbow Fresh returns to Salt Creek Grille this Sat at 7pm... it would behoove you to be privy to this, you dig?

11.06.13 - What's up, people?  Well, fall has befallen upon us, for sure.  In with the cold, out with the warm.  For this reason, we'll be rocking out this Thursday- inside!  Check us out at the Pilsener Haus & Biergarten in Hoboken at 8pm!  It should be uber-groovy, mein friend!  Next up, the predictably unpredictable Ivy Inn in Princeton will host us on Friday, at 10pm... the one constant here is that it should be a rockin', rowdy, rambunctious good time!

10.29.13 - The best Halloween party in the world will be happening in Frenchtown, NJ, this Saturday at 9pm!  Come to The Rathskellar at the National Hotel, and don't miss out on one helluva night!

10.23.13 - Hailey's Harp & Pub!  This Friday, check us out at this Metuchen landmark.  Show starts at 9pm.  Also, we've got a new tune queued up for your auditory perusal... for FREE, on our audio player!  Check out 'A Girl Just Like You'... it'll be made available for download and purchase very soon.

10.17.13 - We're very pleased to announce that we just picked up a bunch of new 2014 dates at Princeton's Salt Creek Grille, a truly great place to eat, drink, and hang!  We'll be there on January 24th, and every 3rd Friday after that from Feb to May... see you there!

10.14.13 - This week, we have two lovely fall gigs!  First, we head down to New Hope and do our thing at Fran's Pub at 9pm.  Definitely looking foward to that one!  Next up, Saturday, we hit Salt Creek Grille for a 7pm show.  Times are good!

10.07.13 - Great show at John & Peter's last Saturday!  We had a blast playing with our old compadre, John Purcell, who did a great job on the drums!

09.26.13 - Tonight!  Rainbow Fresh plays Northern Soul in Hoboken at 9pm!  Tomorrow night, it's off to Metuchen for a jamboree at Hailey's Harp and Pub at 9pm!

09.12.13 - My goodness, two great gigs this weekend!  Friday at 9pm, we visit our familiar and beloved stomping grounds of Metuchen to play the only place that matters- Hailey's Harp & Pub!  Saturday, we play a gig right in our own home of Montclair!  Catch us at 6pm at Church St, as part of the Montclair Center Stage Concert Series... it's outside and it's free!

09.04.13 - There is one coffee shop out there that we truly love... Small World Coffee in Princeton!  Sorry, Starbucks.  Two great indies join forces this Saturday to give you one memorable night!  Don't miss it, show starts at 8:30pm.

08.27.13 - Two most excellent gigs this week... first up, we hit Hailey's Harp & Pub on Thursday at 9pm!  Friday at 7pm, we jam out at Salt Creek Grille in Princeton... c'mon out!

08.22.13 - This Sunday, catch us at Pilsener Haus and Biergarten (no translation needed) in Hoboken!  It's a nice long, afternoon set starting at 2pm, so come relax, hang out, drink, and enjoy!

08.16.13 - Don't forget!  Rainbow Fresh is at The Side Bar in Morristown, this Saturday night at 10pm!  No Cover!  Ain't nuthin' wrong with that!

08.14.13 - Come to our show this Saturday at 10pm at The Side Bar on Washington St in Morristown... it'll be revolutionary!  Also, don't overlook this Sunday's potential as the ideal time for an outdoorsy jam, as we plummet down the rock & roll rapids of Tinton Falls... specifically, the Jersey Shore Premium Outlets at 12pm!

08.09.13 - Hailey's, tonight!  Don't miss this great gig!  Show starts at 9pm...

08.06.13 - Yo, man, we have two marvelous summer shows this weekend that we sincerely hope you can attend!  First up, it's the Jewel of Metuchen, aka Hailey's Harp & Pub, this Friday, at 9pm.  This is followed up by a daytime Sunday jam at the Jackson Premium Outlet Malls, located in... you guessed it, Jackson, NJ!  That gig starts at 1pm.  Hope your summer has been very boss thus far, and we will see you soon!

07.30.13 - Cant wait for this Friday!  Check us out, we'll be at the best live music club in New Hope, PA... John & Peter's Place at 9:30pm!  Don't miss it, it'll be a free show! 

07.24.13 - Hailey's is what's up!  Come check out our show this Thursday, as we rock our favorite Metuchen joint!  Music starts at 9pm, so don't be late!

07.17.13 - Come to our show at the Pattenburg House this Friday, it's like air conditioning for the soul!  Gig starts a 9pm... also, we'll be at our favorite java joint, Small World Coffee, on Saturday, at 8:30pm.  It will be cool, cool, cool!

07.10.13 - This week we have four gigs!  Now, that's more like it!  This July has been hot and sweaty, and we have the gigs to match!  Check us out tomorrow at Hailey's for a 9pm show.  If you got the time, come to the Roseland Farmer's Market at 5:30pm to see a stripped-down RF jam.  The empanada stand is a must!  Then, later at 10pm, we sing on through the night at the Ivy Inn in Princeton... always a great time!   Finally, our mini-tour ends on Saturday, with a show at the Tinton Falls Outlets, which starts at 12pm... yes!!!

07.05.13 - Hope everyone had an excellent 4th of July!  We had an unbelievable time ringing in Independence Day at the National Hotel... a special thanks to all the great people who joined us!  Next up, we'll be at the Jackson Outlet Malls this Sunday at 1pm... be there!

07.02.13 - Come celebrate our nation's independence at the appropriately named National Hotel this Wednesday!  Show starts at 9pm, and there'll be plenty of revelry and drinking going on, something we Americans are pretty good at!

06.28.13 - Environmentally conscious planetary citizens!  Tomorrow, Sat, we'll be doing a benefit concert for the Edison Wetlands at the Triple C Ranch!  Come at 3pm and spread the love! 

06.18.13 - Attention Manhattanites, Mennenites, and anyone else who'll find themselves in NYC this Friday- whether it be due to work-related endeavors, wanderlust, an entrepreneurial spirit, a foray into 'le monde de l'art', or even a trip to the Museum of Natural History... check us out, man!!  We'll be playing on the sidewalk in front of Peanut Butter & Co. (240 Sullivan St) at 12:00pm!  We'll be groovin' 'til 2:30pm, so come on your lunch break, and bring your funky boss, if you must.  As an added bonus, our boy, Adam 'I had 'em' Fischel will be touching the skins on the hit, as he has a rare, well-deserved break from his duties as trap kit meister of the Midtown Men and of the touring 'Jersey Boys' musical.   

06.13.13 - We're taking a break this week... no shows!  However, we'll be working on new stuff and we'll be well-rested for the onslaught of summer gigs... so hang on!

06.06.13 - Yes, we survived last weekend... no, we thrived last weekend!  Had some great times playing some great gigs, and now we look towards the future... tonight, as a matter of fact!  Come to Hailey's Harp & Pub in Metuchen at 9pm, and enjoy some sweet RF sounds.  Saturday, we'll be at Church St for Montclair Center Stage at 3:30pm... please, Andrea, take your rain and go away, come again another day!

05.31.13 - Awesome gig at the Pilsener Haus in Hoboken last night!  We played some beats and ate some Brats!  Next up, we have the Fieldhouse Pub in Fairfield, tonight at 9pm!  Also coming up, we'll be at the Roseland Country Fair tomorrow at 1:30pm, followed by Sunday's 3pm performance at the Denville Rotary Street Fair.  Holy Moly!  Gig much? 

05.24.13 - We love these Memorial Day weekend two-a-days!  We're talking about Saturday, here, friends.  First up, at noon, we'll be fighting traffic to make it on time to the Jersey Shore Premium Outlets in Tinton Falls... it's worth the struggle!  Later that evening, it's a different type of shore we'll be heading to.  The shore of the Delaware River, that is, where we will go to play at our favorite New Hope venue, John and Peter's Place!  Show starts at 9:30pm...  

05.22.13 - Tomorrow night, come to Calandra's in beautiful Caldwell, NJ, for some great music and great food!  Show starts at 7pm!

05.15.13 - We are very excited to be venturing out into unknown waters this week!  There's two new venues we'll be playing, and we can't wait!  Friday night, we'll be trying out our songs at the Pineville Tavern (Pineville, PA) at 9pm.  Saturday, we'll be in our beloved Princeton playing the Salt Creek Grille at 7pm.  Help us break these new joints in!

05.10.13 - We uploaded some new photos, so please check 'em out!  Hailey's, tonight!  Be there...

05.08.13 - This Friday, please come out and check out our show at Hailey's Harp & Pub in Metuchen.  Show starts at 9pm.  We'd love to see you there!

05.03.13 - Ivy Inn, tonight!  Very excited to be back!

04.29.13 - Communiversity was awesome!  Princeton has always shown us lots of love, and we gave it back yesterday!  A great show for some very special people!

04.26.13 - Very excited for Montclair Center Stage tomorrow!  Check us out at 12pm on Church St!  Later that evening, come to the Famished Frog in Morristown, if you dare... show starts at 10pm!

04.23.13 - Holy Cow, three gigs this weekend!  Good to see that things are back to normal.  Saturday, we pull double duty.  First, we hit Montclair Center Stage at 12pm... love those outdoor festivals!  Later that evening, we hit our favorite Morristown joint, the Famished Frog at 10pm!  On Sunday, we make a mad dash down to Princeton for an awesome afternoon gig at Communiversity Festival of the Arts at 4pm!

04.16.13 - Hailey's!  This Friday, at 9pm!  It's hasn't even been two weeks, but it feels like an eternity since we've last played.  So like caged animals, we'll be ready to bust out in Metuchen!

04.10.13 - Just put out a 9-song 'Mega EP' or 'Mini LP' (depending on how you look at it)!  It'll only be sold at shows, so if you're interested, come out and see us!

04.03.13 - This week, we have two awesome shows in the works... Friday at 9pm, we'll be at SuzyQue's BBQ in West Orange, NJ, followed by a Saturday show at John & Peter's in New Hope at 9:30pm!  Things are looking up!

04.02.13 - As we had hoped, our Hailey's gig turned out to be a real humdinger!  That made the weekend awesome for us... thanks to all you people who rocked out with Rainbow Fresh!

3.30.13 - Calandra's was awesome and Triumph was epic!  Tonight, we complete this trio of gigs at Hailey's in Metuchen at 9pm!  We hope the streak continues...

03.27.13 - 3 gigs, 3days!  This is our kind of week!  This Thursday, Calandra's in Caldwell at 7pm, Friday at Triumph Brewery in Princeton at 10:30pm, and Saturday at Hailey's in Metuchen at 9pm!

03.24.13 - Awesome show at the Side Bar last night in Morristown!  Thanks to those who came and rocked with us...

03.22.13 - Tonight!  Don't miss our show at the Fieldhouse Pub... 9pm!

03.19.13 - Attention, Gigophiles!  We've got two of our finest gigs coming up this week!  This Friday, we hit the Fieldhouse Pub in Fairfield at 9pm... we hope to see all of our local pals here, as it's right down the ave!  We'd ride our bikes to the gig if a) we didn't have equipment to bring b) we we're all in better shape c) we had bikes.  Saturday, the band barrels down 287 South to beautiful Morristown, NJ!  Why, you ask?  Because we have a show at 10pm at the Side Bar, located right smack down on the Green!  Don't miss these great shows... see you there!

03.15.13 - Friday's here and that means we play at the Ivy Inn... life is good!

03.12.13 - This Friday, it's the Ivy Inn!  Show starts at 10pm... it's been a while since we've been back, and we're so looking foward to it!  Expecting a wild crowd (as usual) and a high-energy show...

03.07.13 - Looking foward to tomorrow night's gig at Hailey's Harp & Pub in Metuchen!  Show starts at 9pm, so don't be late!

03.01.13 - Calandra's was awesome!  Tonight, we stab westward, towards the wonderful hamlet of Easton, PA, and put our wares on display at Pearly Baker's Ale House at 10pm!  Hope to see you there...

02.26.13 - This week, a not-at-all dubious duo of sure-fire shows!  First, we hit our old stomping grounds of Caldwell, NJ, and lay down some sounds at Calandra's this Thursday at 7pm... molto bene!  This is followed up on Friday with our first-ever show at Pearly Baker's in beautiful downtown Easton, PA at 10pm!  You gotta be there...

02.22.13 - Small World Coffee in Princeton, tomorrow, 8:30pm!  Seeya there!

02.20.13 - Two great gigs this week!  First up, we have Northern Soul, our favorite Hoboken joint, this Thursday at 9:30pm.  Then, this Saturday, we head down to our beloved Princeton, NJ, to play at Small World Coffee, at 8:30pm!  Now, doesn't that sound good?

02.14.13 - Happy Valentines' Day, everybody!  Today, we profess our love for music... and to our awesome fans!  No gigs this weekend, but we've been in the studio (it was a late night last night) working on some new stuff... don't wanna jinx it, but it sounds great so far!  Peace!

02.07.13 - Get your kicks in before the storm!  Rainbow Fresh plays at Hailey's in Metuchen, tonight at 9pm!  The experience may carry you through your cabin fever this weekend...

02.04.13 - This Thursday, we return to Hailey's Harp & Pub in Metuchen!  Our last show there was great, we hope for a repeat experience... show starts at 9pm!

01.31.13 - As some of you may have heard, Sarah Majoras, a bartender at John & Peter's in New Hope, passed away.  Although we didn't know her well, we do know that she was loved by many.  Our deepest sympathies go out to her family, friends, co-workers, and to the communities of New Hope and Lambertville who are mourning her in peace, Sarah.  Our show at John & Peter's this Friday will be dedicated to her memory. 

01.29.13 - Whoa!  Calandra's this Thursday?  Awesome!  Show starts early, 7pm...

01.24.13 - Tonight!  Rainbow Fresh heads down to New Hope for a show at Triumph Brewery!  Show starts at 10pm... we always look forward to playing for our New Hope friends!

01.21.13 - The Famished Frog show was amazing!  This week, we'll be at Triumph Brewery in New Hope, Thursday at 10pm... we hope you can make it to that one! 

01.18.13 - NEW SONG!  Check out 'It Don't Mean That Much To Me' on our audio player.  A bit of a departure for us, we hope you like it!  Also, please come out in droves to check out our show at The Famished Frog in Morristown... show starts at 10pm!

01.15.13 - This Saturday, we'll be playing our first-ever show at The Famished Frog in Morristown, NJ!  Show starts at 10pm, come out and show some love!

01.11.13 - Tonight, we'll be at The Fieldhouse Pub at 9pm!  We hope to see you there!

01.10.13 - Looking forward to the first gig of 2013!  The place is Calandra's, the time is tonight at 7pm... be there!

01.07.13 - Two awesome gigs this weekend, both near our homebase... Thursday at Calandra's in Caldwell (7pm), and Friday at Fieldhouse Pub in Fairfield (9pm)!  Hope to see you at one or both...

01.04.13 - No gigs this weekend, but we'll be working on some new music.  Expect our latest LP to be released sometime this year!

12.31.12 - Here's hoping everyone has a safe, festive NYE and... Happy New Year!

12.28.12 - Check out our last show of 2012!  This Saturday, we wrap up a great year at one of our favorite venues!  Come to Small World Coffee in Princeton and celebrate with us... show starts at 8:30!

12.26.12 - Hello, planetary citizens!  We hope this holiday season has been excellent for all - and that the remainder of 2012 is full of (to quote one of our own songs) peace, love, joy, hope.  We wish you a 2013 that continues in this way, and hope that we all meet it with a renewed sense of purpose and optimism.  Every year, month, day, hour, and second gives you the opportunity to make this world a better place... let's not squander the moments.

12.21.12 - We had a great show at Hailey's Harp & Pub last night, thanks to all who came!  Provided the world doesn't end today, we wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

12.18.12 - Our gig last Saturday at Triumph Brewery in Princeton was ridiculously good!  Unbelieveable crowd... we hope to recreate the magic this Thursday at 9pm at Hailey's Harp & Pub in Metuchen!  We may be listed under a psuedonym... don't get thrown off, we'll be there!

12.13.12 - Check out the calendar, cuz we got two great gigs this weekend!  Friday, we hit Gateway Bar and Liquors (in Atlantic Highlands) at 8pm, for their annual Holiday Bash!  Saturday, we'll be jamming out at Triumph Brewery in Princeton, NJ, at 10:30pm!  Come on out...

12.05.12 - Two wonderful gigs coming up... first, Friday, 10pm, at John & Peter's, an establishment which is the undisputed king of hipness in New Hope, PA.  Then, on Saturday, 9:30pm, we have the Ship Inn, in Milford, NJ, where some of our best friends hang out, and with good reason.  See you this weekend! 

12.03.12 - There's was crowd surfing at our gig at the Ivy Inn last Saturday night.  That's right, crowd surfing.

11.28.12 - Princeton, we love ya, so we're coming back this weekend!  Check us out, we'll be at the Ivy Inn this Saturday at 10pm, a joint which boasts one of the hardest partying crowds around!

11.21.12 - Happy Thanksgiving everybody!  And when you finish trippin' on turkey, be sure to come out and see us this Saturday when we play at Small World Coffee in Princeton!  Show starts at 8:30pm... gobble!

11.19.12 - Saturday's show at The Pattenburg House was truly awesome!  This Saturday, we return to Small World Coffee in Princeton, one of our favorite places to play!  Show starts at 8:30pm...

11.15.12 - We are super excited for this Saturday's show at The Pattenburg House!  It's our first time there, and we've got a bunch of fans from the area who are coming to hang out and have a good time, so it should be a great night!  Show starts at 10pm...

11.13.12 - Tonight's show at Lucky 7 Tavern is a trio!  322 2nd St, Jersey City, at 8pm!

11.12.12 - Tomorrow night's show at Lucky 7 Tavern in Jersey City may be a solo show, or it may not.  How's that for details?  One thing's for sure- whatever the setup, Rainbow Fresh gives it's all, always.  Gauranteed.  Show starts at 8pm!

11.06.12 - Happy Election Day!  Choose wisely.  We added a lyrics page and the back story to our latest song, 'The Things That We Do'.  Check it out... 

11.03.12 - Tonight!  Rainbow Fresh performs at John & Peter's in New Hope, PA, at 9:30pm!  Join the group for a performance at one of their favorite venues!  It might be on a Sunday night, but it'll make you forget all about Monday...

11.01.12 - Just got news that our gig at the Fieldhouse Pub, in Fairfield, NJ, is on!  9pm sharp!  Earlier this morning, they got their power back.  Let's hope that trend continues and that everybody is back to normal again soon.  It's been hard on a lot of people!  For those of you who continue to have troubles, we wish you the best of luck and hope that things turn around very soon.

10.31.12 - Hurricane Sandy is gone, but a lot of us have to deal with the aftermath - there's a lot of people suffering out there, and our prayers go out to them.  We hope you have a safe Halloween! 

10.29.12 - For all of our friends, families, fans, and everyone else who will experience Hurricane Sandy - please be safe, and best of luck to you all in riding out this storm!

10.28.12 - Amazing, amazing gig last night at the National Hotel!  Definitely a Halloween bash for the ages!  Many thanks to all those who attented.  There were some excellent costumes, and some great partying!  Did we mention it was amazing?  On a more somber note, for those of you who live in the path of Hurricane Sandy, we wish you all luck and safety in riding out this storm. 

10.26.12 - Calandra's was great!  Next up, we get down to business in Frenchtown, NJ.  Halloween business, that is!  Join us for what no doubt will be a great Halloween shindig at the National Hotel, this Saturday at 9pm!  Don't be scared of a good time!

10.23.12 - This week, we get back into what we love doing, which is playing for you!  We got some great shows coming up, and to kick things off, we'll be performing at Calandra's in Caldwell, NJ, this Thursday at 7pm.  Hopefully, we'll create some happy hour magic, and set the tone for the weekend.  Speaking of the weekend, don't miss Saturday's show at the National Hotel in Frenchtown, NJ!  It's gonna be a Halloween bash of epic proportions, and we always get up to perform for our Frenchtown pals!  Show starts at 9pm... 

10.17.12 - It's a quiet week as far as shows are concerned, but don't think for a second that Rainbow Fresh ain't workin'!  We've been in the studio, working on our latest tune, 'You Don't Mean That Much To Me', which we hope will be finished around Halloween.  Definitely a unique song, and a slight departure stylistically for us.  Hope you dig!

10.12.12 - Chip, Rich, and the Brothers Purcell will attempt to rock up the Old Canal Inn (2 E Passaic Ave, Nutley, NJ), tonight at 10pm!  The feeling around here is that it's gonna be a very, very good show...

10.09.12 - This Friday, we'll be back in the old neighborhood, jamming at the Old Canal Inn in Nutley, NJ.  It's good to be home.  Don't miss it!

10.05.12 - Looking foward to our gig at Porter's Pub tonight!  Then on Sunday, we'll be at the Caldwell Street Fair at 2pm!

10.02.12 - Check us out this Friday at Porter's Pub in Easton, PA... show starts at 10pm!

09.26.12 - This Saturday, the place to be is the Ivy Inn in Princeton!  Show up at 10pm for some good music and good times...

09.23.12 - Come out to our show tonight!  John & Peter's, the best little rock & roll bar in New Hope, PA, graciously hosts us... see you there!  Show starts at 9:30pm...

09.21.12 - Tonight!  The Ship Inn, Milford, NJ, 9:30pm... yes!

09.18.12 - We love our fans by the Delaware River, and this weekend, we get to prove it... on both sides!  This Friday (9.21), check us out, 'cuz we'll be at The Ship Inn in picturesque Milford, NJ at 9:30pm.  Sunday (9.23), if you cross the bridge, you'll find us at John & Peter's at 9:30pm, in wonderful New Hope, PA.  See ya soon!

09.14.12 - We already told you, but we're gonna tell you again - Triumph!  This Saturday, 10:30pm, in beautiful Princeton, NJ.  By the way, our Savor New Hope show last Sunday?  Tremendous!

09.12.12 - This Saturday, Rainbow Fresh returns to Triumph Brewery in Princeton... don't miss it!  Show starts at 10:30pm sharp.

09.11.12 - It's been 11 years, but it still feels like yesterday.  Peace and love to the victims of the 9/11/01 WTC attack... you are not forgotten.

09.06.12 - NEW SONG!  Please check out 'The Things That We Do' for free, right here!  Just go to our audio player and queue it up... what a labor of love!

09.02.12 - Awesome gig at Small World Coffee last night... tonight, outdoors in front of Tapastry in Montclair!

08.31.12 - Labor Day Weekend is almost upon us!  Check out our two shows, let us do the work for you!

08.28.12 - Labor Day celebrates the economic and social contributions of the working man/woman.  That's a helluva lot of people.  Fortunately, Rainbow Fresh is doing their part to provide the party for the the form of two gigs this Labor Day Weekend!  Check 'em out... Saturday, 9.1, 8:30pm at Small World Coffee in Princeton, and Sunday, 9.2, 7:00pm at Church St in Montclair (outside).  Talk about a job with benefits!

08.24.12 - Don't miss tonight's shingig at Ivy Inn in Princeton!  Starts at 10pm...also, stay tuned, we'll be debuting a new song, 'The Things That We Do' very soon!  It's beautiful and coming out soon, so we'll keep you posted.

08.21.12 - Our gigs at Ivy Inn can be best described as barely-controlled chaos.  This Friday, see what it's all about!

08.17.12 - Tonight...Rustival!!!

08.16.12 - Check us out, tonight, at Northern Soul in Hoboken!  Show starts at 10pm...

08.14.12 - Two most excellent gigs coming up...first, our favorite Hoboken joint, Northern Soul, is kind enought to play host to a Rainbow Fresh jam.  Then, Friday, it's off to Rustival Music Fest!

08.13.12 -  What an amazing weekend!  John & Peter's on Friday was a total blowout, and it was followed by a great Saturday doubleheader!  We wrapped it up by ripping it up at a private party in Avon-by-the-Sea...met some groovy people, too!

08.10.12 - John & Peter's, tonight!  Come out, the sun is shining again, and we'll be playing our tunes... show starts at 9:30pm!

08.07.12 - An awesome weekend in the books, we look forward to the next.  First up, we go back to New Hope (Pennsylvania has been berry, berry good to us) for a show at John & Peter's on Friday, August 10th!  Then, Saturday we do a little giggin' at the Outlet Malls in Jackson, NJ, followed by a Jersey Shore private don't get much better than that!

08.02.12 - What's up?  We'll be in Porter's Pub in Easton, PA, in only two measly days!  Check this show out, it starts at 10pm on Saturday.

07.30.12 - Only one gig this week, but it's all about quality... come check us out this Saturday, August 4th, at Porter's Pub in Easton, PA!  Show starts at 10pm.

07.27.12 - Do yourself a favor... be at Calandra's in Caldwell, NJ, at 8pm tonight and start off the weekend the right way!

07.26.12 - Thunderstorms, microbursts, tornadoes, hail, you name it.  Tonight's gig is still on!  If we don't play outside, we'll be playing inside of Tapastry, 12 Church St, in Montclair.  Starting around 7:30!  See you there, and bring Toto with you!  There's no place like home...

07.24.12 - It's always nice to play some shows in our own backyard, and this week, we have two of 'em!  Thursday, we play at the Church St Summer Music Fest in Montclair, an outdoor concert series starting at 7:30pm.  Friday night, we hit Calandra's in Caldwell at 8pm.  This will be another outdoor show, weather permitting.  Peace! 

07.22.12 - What an awesome weekend!  Three great shows in two days...thanks to all our fans, old and new, who made it special!

07.19.12 - Summer Midterm Gigs are coming up and we've been studying hard!  This weekend, three excellent gigs!  Friday night, we're at the Ivy Inn in Princeton at 10pm...always a total rock & roll experience!  Then Saturday, we pull off another double header.  We start things off with the GSURU Seafood Festival at the Clinton Elks Lodge in Pittstown, NJ.  We plan to start rocking at 2pm, and hopefully, partake in some delectable seafood!  Then, it's off to our very favorite coffee shop, Small World Coffee, in Princeton, NJ, at 8:30pm.

07.17.12 - 1) Towns we rocked last weekend:  Milford, NJ, New Hope, PA, and Gilbertsville, PA.  2) Towns that rocked us last weekend: see 1).

07.09.12 - Had a great gig down at the shore and made some new fans!  This weekend, don't miss out on some awesome shows... Friday, we hit The Ship in Milford; Saturday, we'll be jamming at Triumph Brewery in Hope... come check it out!

07.06.12 - Check us out this weekend, we'll be down the shore!  This Sunday, Rainbow Fresh will be making music at the Jersey Shore Premium Outlet Malls, 12-3pm, in Tinton Falls.  Hope to see you there!

07.04.12 - The National Hotel show was awesome!  Thanks to all those who came out and celebrated Independence Day with us... happy 4th of July, everybody!

06.30.12 - This Tuesday, July 3rd at 9pm, we celebrate the 4th of July at the one and only National Hotel in Frenchtown, NJ - the finest establishment with the greatest staff and the best sure to check it out!

06.22.12 - Make Music New York was totally awesome!

06.20.12 - Tomorrow, Thursday at 1:30pm, we kick off summer with one of our favorite gigs of all time!  The Make Music New York Festival!  This year, our sidewalk spot will be 240 Sullivan St, between Bleecker and W 3rd (in front of Peanut Butter & Co.).  So enjoy the hot weather and break up your workday with some great music!

06.18.12 - We strung together a fearsome foursome of shows this past weekend!  Tomorrow's performance at Lucky 7 Tavern in Jersey City at 9pm will be much mellower by comparison...but no less awesome!  We don't know if it'll be a solo or duo show, only that we'll be doing what we love as best as we could do it!

06.15.12 - Tonight, Fairfield, NJ is the place to be!  Check out our show at the Fieldhouse Pub, 9:00pm...hope to see some people from the ol' neighborhood there!

06.13.12 - Getting excited for all these gigs...

06.11.12 - Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday...gig, gig, gig, gig!  Holy cannoli... but we love the work!  Thursday's show is a benefit for Jersey City Mayoral Candidate, Steven Fulop, at Zeppelin Hall.  Friday, we're at the Fieldhouse Pub in Fairfield.  Saturday, we truck on down to Triumph Brewery in Princeton.  Whew!  Finally, Sunday, we cap it off at John & Peter's in New Hope, PA.  Please check our calendar for more details!

06.08.12 - We're taking the weekend off, before this Summer's onslaught begins...thankfully, the next couple of months will keep Rainbow Fresh very busy...see you at a bar, festival, beach, or party near you!

06.04.12 - It was a whirlwind weekend, and not only did we survive, we came out stronger than ever!  Three great shows in the books.  Congrats to the successful debut of Mrs Rainbow Fresh's new business, Sweet Peace!  Her yummy goodies were a big hit at the Roseland Country Fair.  It was also the debut of our newest EP, 'We Live Together', which will only be sold at live shows.  It features 7 new tracks, and it sounds awesome!  There's only 100 copies in existence, so please catch a show and get one before they get gone.  It was also a great time at the Denville Street Fair, where the downpour stopped, the clouds parted, and the sun shone through, just in time for our set... and I dare say we rocked Denville!  On our way home, an incredible rainbow could be seen, straddling Route 80... that's some ending, isn't it? 

05.30.12 - Well, summer is coming, and that's a good time for us!  This weekend, we have some great shows on the calendar to kick things off.  Friday, we'll be heading back to our old home, Jersey City, for a show at Moore's Lounge!  Show starts at 10pm.  Saturday, we'll be doing our thing at the Roseland Country Fair at 3pm...and as a bonus, Lauren 'Mrs Rainbow Fresh' Palena, will be selling her luscious treats, including her world-famous Cake Bombs!  Sunday is no joke, either, as we take the RF train to Denville, NJ, for their Annual Rotary Street Fair!  Show starts at 3pm.

05.25.12 - Very busy Memorial Day weekend, including two shows this Saturday!  First, we'll be doing our thing outdoors at the Jackson Outlet Malls from 1 to 4pm.  Then, it's off to Manville for a 10pm show at the Northside Lounge.  On Sunday, we hit the legendary John & Peter's at 9:30pm, with special guest, Ween's own Claude Coleman, Jr.!

05.24.12 - Tonight, the plan is to rock out... at our Hoboken home base, Northern Soul!  Festivities start at 9:30pm...

05.22.12 - Easton, we love you!  We had a great time at Porter's Pub this weekend, and made some new friends.  And many thanks to our old friends who made the trek, you are the best!

05.15.12 - It was another explosive musical performance at the Ivy Inn last week, one which we won't soon forget.  We're bracing ourselves for this Saturday, when we make our first foray into Easton, PA, at Porter's Pub (show starts at 10pm).  Will our neighbors to the west ever be the same?  Perhaps we'll catch a glimpse of 'The Easton Assassin' himself, Larry Holmes!  Two heavyweights in one joint?

05.08.12 - Whoa!  Two mega-gigs this week!  First, we take the stage at 365 Bistro in South Plainfield on Thursday (9:00pm) with wheelin' and dealin' drummer, Lou Petto...then, we kick off the weekend this Friday with a sweet show at the Ivy Inn in Princeton (10:00pm)...good stuff!

05.04.12 - Tonight, check us out, we'll be at the Old Canal Inn, in beautiful Nutley, NJ!  Show starts at 10pm...

05.02.12 - New song!!!  Please check out 'Another Day', our newest release!  It's on our player, so you can listen to it for free!  It'll be available for purchase within a few days.

04.27.12 - Some of the members of Rainbow Fresh will be providing music for a live performance this Sunday, 4.29.12 at 8:00pm, put together by the Delaware River Theatre Collective (  Their mission is to bring back live thearte to the New Hope/Lambertville area.  The show, called 'Broadway Jukebox', features the music of artists (Abba, Green Day, Queen, etc.) whose songs heavily influenced Broadway.  We're honored to be part of it, and can't wait to back up some of the finest singing/dancing talent around.  The show will be held at Solebury High School, New Hope.  

04.24.12 - What an awesome weekend of shows!  Great audiences, great venues.  Special thanks to Claude Coleman, Jr. (Ween, Amandla), for filling in on such short notice. 

04.19.12 - Some great shows this weekend!  Saturday at 8:00pm, Rainbow Fresh does it's thing at Small World Coffee in Princeton, featuring beat stylist Claude Coleman, Jr. (Ween, Amandla) on the drums.  Sunday, we cruise on down by the Delaware River to New Hope, PA, and play at the legendary John & Peter's at 9:30pm.  Be there!

04.13.12 - It's a rare weekend off for Rainbow Fresh, but that doesn't mean that we're not working hard for you!  We'll be in the studio tomorrow working on our next single...

04.09.12 - Had a great show at Small World Coffee in Princeton, and we're gonna do it again on 4.21!  Met some very cool people, too.

04.05.12 - This Saturday night, Rainbow Fresh will be at Small World Coffee in Princeton, NJ.  Show starts at 8pm, please don't be late!  Happy Easter!

04.03.12 - Tonight, at Lucky 7 Tavern in Jersey City... a solo performance!  Don't miss it...

04.02.12 - Last Friday's gig at Ivy Inn was as glorious a groovefest as we've ever was fun as hell!

03.30.12 - Tonight, Ivy Inn, 10:00pm!  Come to Princeton and enjoy some tunes and beers!

03.26.12 - Tierney's was great- if you missed it, sorry about that.  This Friday, we'll be jamming out at the Ivy Inn in Princeton, with world-renowned drummer, Claude Coleman, Jr. (Ween, Amandla) not miss it!!!

03.21.12 - Please catch our gig this Saturday night, 9:00pm, at Tierney's Tavern in Montclair, NJ!  We'll be appearing with our old pals, The Porchistas!  It will be swell, you know?

03.15.12 - 'Back In The Day' in now available for purchase here and on!

03.13.12 - Gearing up for St. Paddy's Day!  Come to our show this Saturday, 10:00pm, at the Old Canal Inn in Nutley...

03.06.12 - New Song!!!  Check out 'Back In The Day' on our audio player, it's awesome.

03.02.12 - Northern Soul was ridiculously up, Triumph Brewery in Princeton, Saturday, 10:30pm!  Don't miss out...

03.01.12 - We gives it away for free!  Tonight, at Northern Soul in Hoboken (557 1st St), catch us doing a free show at 10:00pm.  Seeyuh's there!

02.24.12 - Tonight!  Rainbow Fresh rocks the Ivy Inn, 10pm, Princeton, NJ!  A quick word on Fat Tuesday's gig at the National Hotel in Frenchtown, NJ...awesome!  We were joined on the skins by Ween's very own Claude Coleman, Jr., and it was grrrrooovy.  See?  You never know what you're gonna get at a Rainbow Fresh show (even though it's always gonna be good).

02.21.12 - Fat Tuesday!  National Hotel in Frenchtown, NJ!  8:00pm!  Too many exclamation points?  Well, that last sentence was a question...

02.17.12 - Please check our calendar, as we have some awesome shows lined up.  Almost finished with our next single, hopefully to be release in the next two weeks!  It's called 'Back In The Day'.

02.08.12 - Busy week!  Three gigs this week, starting off with a Thursday set at Calandra's...molto bene!  Then, we can be checked out on Friday at the almighty Hat City Kitchen in Orange.  Top it off with a Led Zeppelin tribute at Triumph in New Hope on Saturday, and you got a helluva week!

02.03.12 - Hey!  Have a good weekend...and be sure to check us out tomorrow, Saturday, 10:30pm, at Triumph Brewery in Princeton.  To call it a raucous night would be an understatement...

01.20.12 - Mother Nature may make it a bit harder, but notheless, plans go forward with a Small World Coffee show planned for this Saturday, 8:00pm...please check it out!

01.17.12 - NEW SONG ALERT!  We've just released 'Sound Of My Letter' here on our website!  Click on the 'Audio' Tab and let us know what you just might be the best Rainbow Fresh song yet!

01.12.12 - This Saturday, do the smart thing- go to Princeton!  Saturday marks our triumphant return to the Ivy Inn, so pay attention, because we'll be conducting a course in Rock Appreciation! 

01.07.12 - Thursday's gig at Northern Soul was ridiculously groovy.  Tonight, please check us out at The Old Canal Inn, a fabulous joint in Nutley (2 E Passaic Ave), at 9:45pm!

01.05.12 - Tonight!  Rainbow Fresh invades Hoboken...please check us out at 10:00pm at Northern starts at 9:00pm.  Northern Soul is located at 557 1st St, Hoboken, NJ 07030!

01.04.12 - Please check out some live perfomances this week!  Thursday, we will be playing at the best live music joint in Hoboken, Northern Soul, hosted by our pal, Dave Entwistle.  Then, this Saturday, we'll be rocking out at the Old Canal Inn, in Nutley, NJ...both shows are sure to be boss!

12.29.11 - We're proud to announce that our track, 'This Could Be The One', caught the attention of LA-based publisher, Synchronized Soundworks!  We're hoping that this new partnership better enables us to share the Rainbow Fresh message with a global audience.  Peace and Love in 2012!

04.11.21 - Sunday, 12:00pm - Hailey's Harp & Pub (Solo) - 400 Main St, Metuchen, NJ 08840

04.15.21 - Thursday, 8:30pm - Hailey's Harp & Pub (Duo) - 400 Main St, Metuchen, NJ 08840

04.23.21 - Friday, 8:00pm - The Hangout and Parlor at Hailey's (Solo) - 15 Station Pl, Metuchen, NJ 08840

04.24.21 - Saturday, 4:00pm - Hopewell Valley Vineyards (Duo) - 46 Yard Rd, Pennington, NJ 08534

05.06.21 - Thursday, 6:00pm - Washington House (Solo) - 55 S Finley Ave, Basking Ridge, NJ 07920

05.14.21 - Friday, 8:00pm - The Hangout and Parlor at Hailey's (Solo) - 15 Station Pl, Metuchen, NJ 08840

06.04.21 - Friday, 8:30pm - Hailey's Harp & Pub - 400 Main St, Metuchen, NJ 08840

06.06.21 - Sunday, 1:00pm - Terhune Orchards (Duo) - 330 Cold Soil Rd, Princeton, NJ 08540

06.11.21 - Friday, 8:00pm - The Hangout and Parlor at Hailey's (Solo) - 15 Station Pl, Metuchen, NJ 08840

07.09.21 - Friday, 8:00pm - The Hangout and Parlor at Hailey's (Solo) - 15 Station Pl, Metuchen, NJ 08840

07.15.21 - Thursday, 7:00pm - Friends of Whittemore Summer Garden Concert - 7 Rockaway Rd, Lebanon, NJ 08833

07.24.21 - Saturday, 7:00pm - Easton Wine Project (Solo) - 1247 Simon Blvd Suite N103, Easton, PA 18042

08.07.21 - Saturday, 6:00pm - Hopewell Valley Vineyards - 46 Yard Rd, Pennington, NJ 08534

08.13.21 - Friday, 8:00pm - The Hangout and Parlor at Hailey's (Solo) - 15 Station Pl, Metuchen, NJ 08840

08.28.21 - Saturday, 6:00pm - Somerville Summer Stage - Division St, Somerville, NJ 08876

09.10.21 - Friday, 8:00pm - The Hangout and Parlor at Hailey's (Solo) - 15 Station Pl, Metuchen, NJ 08840

09.25.21 - Saturday, 6:00pm - Hopewell Valley Vineyards - 46 Yard Rd, Pennington, NJ 08534

10.08.21 - Friday, 8:00pm - The Hangout and Parlor at Hailey's (Solo) - 15 Station Pl, Metuchen, NJ 08840

11.12.21 - Friday, 8:00pm - The Hangout and Parlor at Hailey's (Solo) - 15 Station Pl, Metuchen, NJ 08840

12.10.21 - Friday, 8:00pm - The Hangout and Parlor at Hailey's (Solo) - 15 Station Pl, Metuchen, NJ 08840